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Access to City Employees

The City frequently receives requests for access to City employees for distribution of promotional materials, solicitation of charitable contributions, sales of goods and services, distribution of informational flyers, newspapers or other advertising material, and offers of discount entertainment tickets. In order to minimize disruptions in the workplace as well as the administrative requirements associated with such activities, and to avoid appearing to endorse one competitive business over another, the City has established the following policy to govern such requests.

Requests for City-Wide Distribution of Materials

Requests for City-wide access to employees for the distribution of materials shall be made to the Human Resources Director. Requests will be reviewed according to these criteria:

  • No cost should be incurred by the City in distributing the materials
  • Materials promoting for-profit businesses will be considered only if the business has no local competitor or if the business has been selected through the City's normal bidding process to provide services to employees, such as insurance and investment firms
  • Materials should be directed specifically to City employees, not to the public at large

Requests for distribution of the following types of materials will not be granted:

  • Materials that are primarily commercial advertising by for-profit businesses
  • aterials from any individual, group, or organization who has a current contract with the City (an exceptions -- Benefits updates from current vendors will be distributed to employees)
  • Materials from any individual, group, or organization who reasonably anticipates entering into a contract with the City in the 90 days following the request
  • Materials from any individual, group, or organization who has an interest in any matter on a current or future City Council agenda
  • Materials that are part of a business' regular advertising campaign being directed to the public at large

Requests for City-Wide Offers of Discount Entertainment Tickets

Requests by entertainment vendors to sell discount tickets to City employees through the Revenue Office shall be made to the City Finance Director. Requests will be reviewed giving consideration to whether the promotion provides a significant benefit to employees and is of interest to a significant number of employees and whether the vendor has a local competitor. For example, offers from Six Flags would be considered because there is no other theme-based amusement park in this area. Discount tickets to the CATS games would be considered but discount tickets to attend games of a minor league baseball team outside of Ft. Worth would not be considered, since the CATS is the local minor league baseball team.

Requests for Access to City Facilities to Sell Goods or Services

Requests by vendors who seek access to a City facility to sell goods or services to City employees shall be made to the Department Director associated with the facility. Requests will be reviewed giving consideration to whether the goods or services provide a significant benefit to the employees assigned to or using the facility and whether the goods or services are of interest to a significant number of those employees

Distribution of Informational Flyers, Newspapers or Other Advertising Material

Distributors of informational materials, newspapers or other advertising magazines leave material on City property for use by employees or visiting citizens. This practice is not encouraged or approved by the City, but it will be tolerated as long as it is done in an unobtrusive manner and in a neat and orderly fashion. Material that is found to be either offensive, controversial or not in keeping with the values of the City will be promptly removed without notification to the distributor. The City reserves the right to limit the amount and type of material left on City property as well as where this material is located.

Requests for City-wide Solicitation of Charitable Contributions

The City has a long-standing relationship with the Tarrant Area Food Bank and the United Way of Metropolitan Tarrant County, and their missions are consistent with City Council's Strategic Goals. Requests by additional charitable organizations for access to City employees for solicitation of donations shall be made to the Human Resources Director.

Requests by external organizations are evaluated according to the following
  • The organization must be tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and the contribution the organization seeks must be deductible under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • The organization must be headquartered in the City of Fort Worth and be governed by a voluntary board of directors.
  • The organization must distribute at least 85% of its charitable receipts to health, welfare, social, or other human services programs within Tarrant County and the City of Ft. Worth.

Requests made by City departments for solicitation of donations to programs initiated and conducted by the requesting department will be allowed if the program is a planned objective of the department.

Requests for Solicitations of Charitable Contributions within a Single Department or Facility

Requests by employees or external organizations for solicitation of charitable contributions within a single department or City facility shall be made to the Department Director or the Department Director associated with the facility, as appropriate. Requests should be reviewed giving consideration to whether the requested activities are consistent with the mission of the organization and whether such activities would interfere with the day-to-day business activities of the department or facility.



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