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Education Reimbursement Payback Requirement

An employee who terminates from the City of Fort Worth after receiving education reimbursement shall pay back 100% of all reimbursement received during the twelve (12) months immediately preceding termination and 50% of all reimbursement received during the 13-24 month period prior to termination.

Departments should notify the Learning Services Division of the Human Resources Department when an employee who has received Tuition Reimbursement in the preceding 24 months terminates so that the amount that needs to be paid pack can be calculated. Please contact the Human Resources Department as soon as an employee who is receiving tuition reimbursement turns in a resignation. This will prevent a payment being made during the time between the employee’s resignation and the actual out processing date, and will mean less money for the City to try to recoup form the employee.

Employees who are terminated due to a reduction in force, medical disability, or due to occupational illness or injury are not subject to the Payback provision.

For additional information please refer to the Education Reimbursement Policy in the Personnel Rules & Regulations or call the Human Resources Department.



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