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Firearms at the Workplace


In 1995 the Texas Legislature passed the concealed-carry law that allowed Texans with a permit to carry concealed firearms. Lawmakers specified exceptions for hospitals, courtrooms, churches, bars and at government meetings. (Article 4413 (29ee), Texas Revised Civil Statutes)

In 1997 the Legislature gave private-property owners the authority to ban concealed handguns on their premises.

In 2003, the Legislature approved SB 501, which took away the ability of local governments to ban concealed handguns in public places. This means that concealed-handgun license holders can carry their firearms onto local government property, except into buildings where courts meet and, if properly posted, in rooms where governmental meetings are being held.


This new law applies to the City of Fort Worth, which means citizens who are properly licensed to carry concealed weapons can carry them into City facilities. However, the City’s Personnel Rules and Regulations forbid employees to carry firearms while on duty unless they are required to do so as part of their assigned duties.

The PRR’s do not apply to citizens, but they do apply to ALL City employees. Therefore, employees do not have the right to carry a weapon at work due to this new law. The policy for employees is as stated below.


Employees shall not carry or possess a firearm while on duty unless they are required to do so by the City Manager as part of their assigned duties. This policy includes employees who have a license from the State of Texas to carry a concealed handgun.

If an employee has a valid Texas license to carry a concealed handgun, he/she may carry a handgun in his/her personal vehicle while parked on City facilities or while using his/her personal vehicle on City business.

Employees who carry a handgun while on duty in violation of this policy shall be disciplined. Such discipline may include termination.

For more information, please see the Personnel Rules & Regulations or call Employee Relations at 817-392-7790.



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