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Off-Cycle Checks

Issued: March 11, 2013

Reissued: Oct. 8, 2014

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All employees.


Off cycle check – A check produced outside of the schedule payroll processing period, printed for a specific purpose such as a pay correction or reimbursement.


Timekeepers and HRCs need to be knowledgeable of the timeframes for processing corrections and off-cycle checks. Requests for off-cycle checks and corrections should be made with these timeframes.

Time line

Request for off cycle checks must be submitted to HRIS by noon of the non-payroll week.

HRIS will have two business days to complete the correction form. HRIS will submit the correction form to Payroll by 1PM on the third business day. There will be exceptions if HRIS or Payroll encounters problems.

Correction forms should only be submitted to HRIS for the following reasons:

  • The correction form is outside the 28 days in which timekeepers have access to the timesheets.
  • The Timekeeper needs assistance in determining and correcting the issue.
  • The employee is requesting an off-cycle check.

If an off-cycle check is not being requested and the timekeeper is able to make the correction you do not need to submit a correction form the HRIS. Correction forms should only be submitted for the three reasons listed above.

There is no minimum dollar amount for an off-cycle check if an employee has received less than their standard hours (usually 80 hours) of base pay. The minimum dollar amount needs to be based on the level of hardship the employee would experience if required to wait until the next paycheck to receive the pay. Before a request for an off-cycle check is sent to HR, the timekeeper and/or employee authorized to approve the correction must ascertain if a hardship will exist or if the employee can wait until the next paycheck to receive the pay. If there is no hardship, the correction needs to be done as an on-cycle payment for the next paycheck. HR may contact a department to validate the need for an off-cycle check if the pay amount is minor.

Processing time line

Timelines for processing off-cycle checks and corrections will be based on the days and hours when Absence and Time and Labor corrections can be made in PeopleSoft.

Corrections and off-cycle checks cannot be processed during the following time periods:

  • Monday through Thursday of a payday week
  • Anytime the Time and Labor Administration Process is running.

Corrections for off-cycle checks will begin on payday Friday or the day after pay advices and checks are distributed. If a holiday falls on a payday Friday, the corrections will begin on the day before the holiday. The number of corrections received and the time it takes to make the corrections will determine the number of off-cycle check requests that may be submitted to Payroll by 1PM on pay day.

General information

The earlier a department can submit a correction for an off-cycle check to HR will increase the probability the correction will be processed for submittal to Payroll on the same day.

Corrections for off-cycle checks will be done only to insure that an employee receives 80 hours of pay for the payperiod. Corrections for such pay categories as overtime, shift differential, acting pay, special pays, pay rate changes, etc. will be processed for inclusion on the next payperiod check unless this will create a hardship for the employee.

Corrections and off-cycle checks that cannot be completed on the payday Friday will continue to be processed the following week. Each day, the cutoff for HR to submit corrections to Payroll for check printing will be 1 p.m.

Payroll time line

The targeted goal for cutting off-cycle checks is to have the check ready within two business days of HRIS receiving the correction request. This is a goal and not a guarantee. All correction forms must first be submitted to HRIS. HRIS will submit verified correction forms to Payroll.

Off-cycle checks will usually be issued the same day if submitted to HRIS by the noon deadline. The correction must be submitted to HRIS so that HRIS has sufficient time to make and process the correction form. If HRIS can make the corrections and submit the corrections to Payroll before 1PM, the off-cycle check will usually be printed that day. However, there are many reasons why an off-cycle check may take much longer than two business days. Payroll will verify all corrections that are submitted and if Payroll arrives at different results than provided by the Department or HRIS, the correction must be reconciled.

Since requests for off-cycle checks most frequently are submitted to HRIS on a payday, HRIS has a very short window to process corrections and get the off-cycle check requests to Payroll by 1PM Friday. This emphasizes the importance of timekeepers and HRCs checking their queries and variance reports and making the appropriate corrections before payroll runs to reduce the number of off-cycle checks that are needed each payday.


For additional information please call the HR HRIS/Records Manager at 817-392-7567 or the Assistant HR Director at 817-392-2632.

This HR Advisory is a brief synopsis of policy and any questions or apparent conflicts between an Advisory and City policy should be directed to the Human Resources Director or an Assistant HR Director for clarification.



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