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Out Processing Terminating Employees

Issued: Feb. 26, 2013

Reissued: July 2, 2018

HR Advisories are intended to assist with the clarification or interpretation of Personnel Rules & Regulations, provide guidelines on procedures, provide additional detail or information on a Rule, describe Best Practices or serve as a teaching resource.


All City General employees who voluntary separate, are involuntarily terminated or who retire from the City.


Resignations should be in writing, signed by the employee, and submitted at least two weeks before the effective date.

Use the “Employee Resignation Acceptance July 2018 ” form located on the Forms Portal that can be accessed through Internet Explorer with this link. (http://forms.fortworthtexas.gov/)

Processing Separations

Department must follow rules for terminating an employee as outlined in the Personnel Rules and Regulations. In general, the following steps should be followed by the designated department employee (usually either the HRC or the supervisor):

  • Schedule a time to meet with employee to complete the Employee out-processing form. This form can be found on the Form Portal at http://forms.fortworthtexas.gov/.
  • Departments are responsible for obtaining all city-issued property (e.g., Identification card, keys, purchasing cards, tools, communication devices, electronic equipment, manuals, protective gear, uniforms, etc.) and determining if the separating employees owes the City any money (e.g. tuition reimbursement) during the separation process.
  • If an employee terminates employment without notice, the department’s HRC will contact the Marshal’s Office immediately to cancel access codes associated with the Identification Badge. The HRC will attempt to contact the terminated employee to retrieve the Identification Badge and other City property in the ex-employee’s possession.
  • The cost of city property not returned or funds owed by employees will be deducted from the employee’s final paycheck. A completed Out-Processing form should indicate any city property not returned and/or funds not repaid and the cost of each item listed. The employee Identification Card must be destroyed.
  • Confirm the last registered address of the separating employee and make any changes in PeopleSoft as needed. Inform the separating employee the year–end W-2 will be sent to the last registered address in the system.
  • Review the Employee Out-Processing form and the department’s Property Collection Checklist with the employee and have employee sign the Out Processing form.
  • Prepare the Personnel Action Request (ePAR) using appropriate ePAR separation code. If separation code is ineligible for rehire, the department must attach the decision/justification memo and other supporting documents.
  • Submit completed ePAR, Out-Processing Form and any justification memos to the HRIS/Records office.
  • Separation ePARs received after Wednesday of the second week of the pay period will be processed the following pay period.

The following out processing actions take place after the department submits the separation paperwork:

  • The HR Records Division processes separation ePARs into PeopleSoft. If a terminal leave check is to be issued, HR Records staff reviews the terminal leave hours for accuracy.
  • The Payroll Division of the Finance Department processes the final payroll and terminal leave check.
  • The Payroll Division checks to determine if the employee owes the City any arrears for benefits or other reasons.
  • HR Benefits submits an arrears report each pay period to the Payroll Division for Payroll to update their records for any amounts owed by the employee. Payroll deducts as much as possible of what the employee owes the City from the final and terminal leave checks.
  • The final payroll check will be direct deposited to the employee’s banking institutions on the next regular pay day following the separation.
  • The terminal leave check will be direct deposited to the employee’s banking institutions on the next regular pay day following the processing of the separation ePAR.
  • Employees who have successfully completed their initial probationary period will be compensated for all accrued vacation, short term sick/family leave, and holiday leave. Exempt and non-exempt employees will be paid for any accrued compensatory time according to the posted Personnel Rules and Regulations.


For additional information please call the HR HRIS/Records Manager at 817-392-7567 or Assistant HR Director at 817-392-7847.

This HR Advisory is a brief synopsis of policy and any questions or apparent conflicts between an Advisory and City policy should be directed to the Human Resources Director or an Assistant HR Director for clarification.



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