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Overtime Grants

Issued: June 7, 2011

Revised: Oct. 8, 2014

HR Advisories are intended to assist with the clarification or interpretation of Personnel Rules & Regulations, provide guidelines on procedures, provide additional detail or information on a Rule, describe Best Practices or serve as a teaching resource.


This policy applies to all sworn and non-sworn personnel working under grants that are intended to supplement the city’s activities with overtime resources. Examples include STEP, Click-It-Or-Ticket, etc. This does not apply to grant programs that directly fund positions or portions of positions.


Supplanting – to deliberately reduce or reallocate state, local or agency funds because of the acceptance or anticipated acceptance of federal grant funds.

Hours Worked – Hours actually worked and leave categories that are counted as hours worked for the purpose of computing overtime (Holiday Leave, Holiday Leave Accrued, Personal Holiday Leave, Special Personal Holiday Leave)


In order to avoid supplanting, the City must meet its 40 hour obligation to an employee by paying regular or leave time and not replacing any of that obligation with grant funds. The rate of pay will only be time-and-a-half for hours worked over 40, regardless of funding source. Compensatory time cannot be earned in lieu of payment for hours worked on a grant.


If an employee wants to ensure that they are eligible to receive compensation for the grant activity at a time and a half rate, he or she should avoid taking time off during weeks they work on grant funded projects. However, if it is unavoidable, it is recommended that they charge the leave in the following cascading order: Holiday Leave (HOL), Holiday Leave Accrued (HLA), Personal Holiday Leave (PHL), Special Personal Holiday Leave (SPHL). All other leave types will not be considered time worked and may result in Scenario 1 below.

1. An employee uses 8 hours of sick leave during a week that he/she also works 12 hours of a grant detail. This policy would result in the employee receiving 32 hours of regular pay, 8 hours of sick pay (and sick leave balance would be reduced by 8 hours) plus 8 hours of straight-time OT and 4 hours of OT paid at the employee’s normal overtime rate, funded from the grant.

  Sa Su M T W Th F
Regular shift 0 0 8R 8R 8S 8R 8R
Grant Activity           6 STOT 2 STOT/4 OT

2. An employee on a 4/10 shift works a holiday and works 12 hours of a grant detail in the same week. The employee would receive 30 hours of regular pay, 10 hours of holiday overtime pay and accrue 8 hours of holiday leave to use in the future. In addition, they would be paid 10 hours of STOT and 2 hours of OT from the grant. Since the holiday is already being paid at time and a half, the employee would not be paid under the grant at a time and a half rate until they exceed a the equivalent of 40 hours worked at straight time.

  Sa Su M T W Th F
Regular shift     10HOT/8 Holiday Accrued 10R 10R 10R 0
Grant Activity           6 STOT 4 STOT/2 OT

3. An employee on a 4/10 shift does not work the holiday and works a 12-hour grant detail during the same week. The employee would receive 30 hours of regular pay, 8 hours of holiday pay, and 2 hours of vacation pay. The grant would pay 2 hours of STOT and 10 hours of OT. The holiday taken counts as time worked but the vacation taken does not.

  Sa Su M T W Th F
Regular shift     8 holiday pay/2 hours of vacation leave 10R 10R 10R 0
Grant Activity           2 STOT; 4 OT 6 OT


For additional information please call the HR Classification and Compensation Manager at 817-392-7772 or the HR Director at 817-392-7783.

This HR Advisory is a brief synopsis of policy and any questions or apparent conflicts between an Advisory and City policy should be directed to the Human Resources Director or an Assistant HR Director for clarification.



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