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Payroll Deductions

Issued: Oct. 8, 2014

Reissued: N/A

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Employee organizations, associations and City approved businesses or services


Payroll deductions are available for legally mandated deductions and deductions associated with City-sponsored programs. Payroll deductions are also available for the membership dues for employee organizations, associations and other City-offered services.


Payroll deductions are available under the guidelines and procedures that follow:

  • Employees may authorize or cancel a payroll deduction by completing and signing a Voluntary Payroll Deduction form.
  • Employee organizations must be chartered by the State to qualify for the payroll deduction service.
  • There is no minimum membership requirement for employee organizations; however, administrative charges may be higher if the membership is small.
  • Employees are assessed a minimum charge each payday for each deduction.
  • No changes will be made to an employee’s payroll deduction without the signature of the employee.

Businesses approved for payroll deduction will be assessed an initial setup charge, a service fee for each deduction each payday, and an individual service fee for each employee’s deduction for each pay period. At least 200 employees must be enrolled for a business to qualify for payroll deduction. If enrollment falls below 150 employees, the business has 60 days to meet the 200 employee requirement to avoid termination of the service. The City Manager or designee may approve exceptions to private vendors not meeting the 200-rule if the services or products help to achieve the City’s strategic goals.

Businesses may submit payroll deduction requests to the Human Resources Director. Requests to provide business services through payroll deduction are evaluated on the following:

  • Nature and amount (discount) of the benefit to employees
  • Nature and appropriateness of the service for using City systems and personnel
  • Consideration is given to the availability of the service through other sources
  • The anticipated level of employee interest in the service
  • Impact on the City’s administration system and personnel
  • Level of work disruption to market the service to employees.

The City Manager may seek feedback from City employees on businesses offering services, however the City Manager or designee will make the final decision if a service will be offered through payroll deduction.

The City reserves the right to limit the approval to a reasonable number of providers with duplicate services. The City reserves the right to withdraw payroll deduction privileges with 60 days advance notice when deemed in the best interest of the City.


For additional information please call the Assistant HR Director at 817-392-8058 or another Assistant HR Director at 817-392-2632.

This HR Advisory is a brief synopsis of policy and any questions or apparent conflicts between an Advisory and City policy should be directed to the Human Resources Director or an Assistant HR Director for clarification.



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