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Personnel Action Requests (PAR)

Issued: March 11, 2013

Reissued: Oct. 8, 2014

HR Advisories are intended to assist with the clarification or interpretation of Personnel Rules & Regulations, provide guidelines on procedures, provide additional detail or information on a Rule, describe Best Practices or serve as a teaching resource.


HRCs (Human Resources Coordinators) in all departments.


Personnel and Position Action Request – a paper or electronic form used to submit personnel transactions on personnel or positions to the HRIS/Records Division of Human Resources for input into PeopleSoft for record keeping.

Pay group or work group – A pay group is a logical grouping of employees based on shared characteristics that facilitate payroll processing because of common requirements such as employee class and pay frequency. A workgroup is a group of time reporters who share identical compensation requirements such as FLSA requirements, rate of pay (hourly, exception hourly, salaried), and types of TRCs.

Additional Information

All Personnel Action Requests (PARs) should be submitted to Human Resources (HR) Records a week prior to the effective date on the PAR. PARs that change an employee’s pay group or work group must have an effective date of the beginning of the pay period. Exceptions: Approved new hire PARs must be received in HR Records by 5:00PM on Monday, the week before the Scheduled New Employee Orientation (NEOP). Terminations must be received by 5:00 PM on Wednesday of non-payroll week. The effective date of the termination is the date the employee is no longer an employee of the City.

The employee is not paid for any time the employee has on the timesheet after the termination effective date.

Attachments are required for all the action reasons related to Pay Rate changes listed below:

PAY/ACT = Acting pay start
PAY/DRR = Disciplinary reductions
PAY/REC = Job reclassifications
PAY/ADJ = Market adjustments
PAY/MIC = Merit increase special
PAY/EQY = Pay equity adjustment
PRO/PRO = Promotions


For additional information please call the HR HRIS/Records Manager at 817-392-7567 or Assistant HR Director at 817-392-2632.

This HR Advisory is a brief synopsis of policy and any questions or apparent conflicts between an Advisory and City policy should be directed to the Human Resources Director or an Assistant HR Director for clarification.



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