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Temporary Employment Services (Clerical and Administrative)

Issued: October 19, 1989

Reissued: March 6, 2013; October 8, 2014

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All City departments that occasionally need temporary clerical or administrative support and the employees responsible for requesting and supervising these temporary employees.


Temporary Employment Services (TES) is administered by the Human Resources Staffing Services Division. TES provides a pool of temporary employees to work on short-term and special assignments for City departments. Assignments may be either clerical or administrative in nature. This service allows departments to hire temporary workers when necessary to operate at maximum efficiency during peak work load periods, employee vacation periods, extended employee leaves of absence, and other appropriate situations.

Operation and procedures

A Temporary Service Coordinator in the HR Staffing Services Division will be responsible for the administration of TES. The Temporary Services Coordinator duties include:

  • Recruiting, evaluating, selecting, and maintaining a pool of qualified applicants for temporary assignments.
  • Providing an orientation to all new TES employees.
  • In the event of performance or personal conduct problems, conducting investigations and taking appropriate action, such as reassignment or termination from the TES pool.

The Temporary Service Coordinator is responsible for obtaining a sufficient number of applicants to meet the needs of City departments for temporary help throughout the year. TES employees are categorized by job classifications for which they are qualified. The salary of a TES employee is based on the skills and educational requirements of the specific position and classification being filled. The following process is used to hire employees for the TES pool:

  • Persons interested in temporary employment must complete a City application and pass the clerical test.
  • Applicants are screened by assessing relevant education and work experience.
  • Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications for the job classifications in the TES pool and pass any required employment tests.
  • Applicants that meet the minimum qualifications are interviewed by the Coordinator.
  • Before an applicant is selected for the TES pool, the applicant must pass a criminal and background reference check as well as a drug test.
  • Complete all paperwork require for new employees during the Temporary Employee Orientation.

A City department may request a TES employee by submitting a request form to the Temporary Services Coordinator. All requests must have the department director’s or designee’s approval. Requests must be received in Staffing Services at least three working days prior to the first scheduled work day of a TES employee. The more advance notice that the Temporary Service Coordinator has of the need for a TES employee, the more time that can be used to find an appropriate employee who matches the requirements of the temporary job. If requested, a department may interview several available TES employees to find the employee who most meets their needs. In emergency situations, the Temporary Service Coordinator will attempt to accommodate the request but the logistics of finding and assigning a non-assigned TES employee may prevent immediate filling of the request.

TES employees are matched with available assignments based on the skills specified by the department and the availability of employees with the needed skills. When a department has a need for temporary help that cannot be met by the in-house service, Temporary Services will be responsible for placing an order with an approved agency.

The Temporary Service Coordinator may reassign a TES employee from one assignment to another when such an action is necessary. The department that will lose the TES employee will be given as much advance notice as possible and will be given priority for finding a replacement.

The duration of an assignment will be from one day to six months. Extensions may be granted as needed; however requests for extensions of assignments of over six months’ duration must be approved by the Human Resources Director or designee. While the TES is not covered by the policy on Temporary, Seasonal and Less Than Half Time Employees, many of the policies and procedures that apply to these types of employees also applies to TES employees. The Temporary Service Coordinator will inform a department when this is the case.

Department responsibilities

Use of TES employees will be charged to the user department’s budget. Funds for Temporary Services should be requested through the normal budgeting process based on anticipated needs.

Departments will submit the Temporary Services Time Sheet to Temporary Services by noon on the Thursday before the end of the pay period. TES employees will be paid every other Friday. TES employees should complete time sheets in blue or black ink. Temporary Services will prepare time and attendance forms and input them in the HR payroll system. Distribution of temporary employees’ pay advises will be handled by the Treasurer’s Office.

TES employees who are not assigned on a pay day or who terminate before payroll checks are issued will have their checks direct deposited that payday. Temporary employees that work more than 40 in a week will be paid regular overtime (1.5 x regular rate of pay).

Performance reviews and discipline

TES employees receive written evaluations at the end of each assignment or at appropriate intervals during long-term assignments. When an assignment is finished, a Temporary Performance Evaluation form will be sent to the immediate supervisor. The evaluation form must be completed by the immediate supervisor of the TES employee and returned to Temporary Services for review. The evaluation form will be used to monitor the performance of TES employees and the effectiveness of the TES program.

The Temporary Service Coordinator must be notified immediately if a TES employee’s performance is unsatisfactory. A decision will be reached between the Temporary Services Coordinator and the department regarding any action that will be taken.

TES employees may be terminated from the temporary pool for appropriate reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Repeatedly declining assignments
  • Unavailability (inability to contact)
  • Absenteeism
  • Punctuality
  • Unacceptable work performance
  • Any violation of the employee conduct policy

Temporary employees may not appeal terminations except in the case of charges of discrimination.


TES employees are not eligible for retirement, group life or health insurance, any paid time off leave, or paid holidays. TES employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation and FMLA. On-the-job injuries should be reported directly to the supervisor, who must notify Temporary Services and the Worker’s Compensation Division immediately. The Temporary Service Coordinator will maintain accurate employment records in order to respond to unemployment insurance claims.

TES employees are not eligible to earn compensatory time. Since TES employees may work in several departments over a period of time, it is not possible to determine which departments should be responsible for any terminal leave pay when a TES employee terminates. Non-exempt TES employees must be paid overtime for all hours worked over 40 hours in a week.

Temporary to regular

TES employees are eligible to apply for promotional City positions only after working an aggregated total of 1,040 hours. TES employees are encouraged to apply for regular City positions that are recruited for on an open competitive or internal basis. Established employment procedures must be followed. If hired, TES employees are considered new employees. Pay is based on the salary range of the position and not the pay the employee was earning as a TES employee. Service time as a TES employee does not count toward service time as a regular employee. When hired into a regular position, the TES employee must meet the same requirements as any new City employee and must complete the initial probationary period for the regular City position.

Retired employees are eligible to work as TES employees if they meet the same requirements for working as a Temporary, Seasonal or Less Than Half Time employees.


For additional information please call the HR Staff Services Manager at 817-392-7758 or an Assistant HR Director at 817-392-2632.

This HR Advisory is a brief synopsis of policy and any questions or apparent conflicts between an Advisory and City policy should be directed to the Human Resources Director or an Assistant HR Director for clarification.



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