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Police Civil Service Exam

No civil service exam is scheduled at this time.

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Check-in for the exam will begin 30 minutes prior to the assigned time and will begin promptly at the time scheduled. The test has a time limit of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Persons who arrive after the test instructions have been provided will not be allowed to take the examination.

Up to five cumulative points may be added to a passing score as follows:

  • Military Veteran (with honorable discharge per DD214): 5 points
  • Associate's degree or 60+ hours of college credit from accredited college: 1 point
  • Bachelor's degree from accredited college or university: 3 points
  • Resident of Fort Worth for six months or more at time of written examination: 2 points

The rank order of applicants having the same final eligibility score will be determined by a tie-break number, which will be drawn by applicants upon entry to the written exam.

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