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Personnel Rules and Regulations

Employee Classification System

Classification System

Every budgeted position is allocated into a classification that includes positions with similar duties and responsibilities. Substantial similar positions are grouped together and treated as equivalent with regard to personnel and salary administration.

Class specifications prepared by the Human Resources Department describe the range of duties performed by employees in the class. Specifications include essential and marginal function statements, qualifications, and working conditions of the class. Class specifications are generic, describing major duties and functions. They are not intended to describe specific positions in detail.

Official class titles are used in all personnel, payroll, accounting, budget appropriations and functional records and transactions. "Working" or "functional" job titles may be used at the discretion of individual departments. However, official class titles must be used when processing transactions.

A coding system (e.g., A81, B25, J18, etc.) is used to designate each class in the system.

The Human Resources Director is responsible for the administration and maintenance of the classification system and may initiate studies of individual positions, series of positions, classes, occupational groupings or organizational units to ensure and maintain the integrity of the classification system. When the need for a new class arises, the Director will recommend a new class title and develop class specifications for the new classification.

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The Human Resources Director is responsible for the approval of reclassifications and the establishment of new classifications. This responsibility includes conducting classification reviews, evaluating and classifying new positions, determining the appropriate classification whenever duties of an existing position change, and reviewing the Classification Plan to ensure equitable classification of positions.

Allocation of positions to a classification will be made on the basis of a whole job analysis to include but not limited to consideration of required expertise, decision-making, supervisory responsibilities, management control, contacts, physical effort and working conditions.

Department Directors assist in this process by identifying any changes in the organization which include changes in function, organizational relationships, work methods; proposed new positions; changes that have been or are to be made, in the duties and responsibilities of any departmental positions.

When incumbents do not meet the minimum qualifications of the classification their position has been reclassified to, they must have been performing the essential functions of the position at a satisfactory level for at least six (6) months (Revised October 9, 1999). If they do not meet the six (6) month requirement, the Department Director may request a waiver of this provision.

Classification and position reviews will be conducted upon the request of a Department Director in a manner that is fair, equitable and objective, taking into consideration not only the needs of the individual department but the needs and requirements of the City as a whole.

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Reclassification Appeals

Department Directors may appeal classification recommendations made by the Human Resources Department. Written appeals providing specific information explaining the basis of the appeal must be submitted to the Human Resources Director within ten (10) working days after receipt of the reclassification recommendation.

The Human Resources Director will convene the Classification Appeals Committee as soon as practicable. The committee is a three-member ad hoc committee appointed by the City Manager. The committee will consider the Department Director’s appeal and the Human Resources Department’s reclassification study. Representatives from the appellant department and Human Resources may present their respective positions to the committee.

The committee will issue its decision in writing as to the proper classification of the position at issue. A copy of the decision will be sent to the Department Director. The original will be sent to the Human Resources Director.

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