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Personnel Rules and Regulations

Appendix 8 — Crisis Intervention Program

Crisis Intervention Program (New policy effective January 21, 2002)

The City of Fort Worth has established a Crisis Intervention Program to offer emotional assistance and support to City employees in response to a personal crisis, critical incident, mass casualty or major disaster.  Under the guidance of the Crisis Intervention Advisory Board, comprised of employees, non-employees and professionals, the program recruits, selects and trains volunteers from the ranks of City employees. Participating employees must have the approval of their supervisor. (Revised 2-10-06) Employee team members may elect to participate in one or both of the program components:  the Peer Support team and the Critical Incident Stress Management team, provided the employee has completed the required training.  Employee participation is strictly voluntary and may include off-duty hours.  There is no usual compensation associated with the time spent in training or providing services.  However, if an employee team member has been legitimately activated during a major catastrophic event –or- a state/federally declared disaster, compensation may be authorized by order of the City management.  Team membership is renewed annually and may be suspended or revoked if there is probable cause based on evidence of misconduct or violation of the adopted program operating procedures. 

The program also offers a credentialing process for non-City employees that are mental health and ministerial professionals or crisis interveners who may be called to assist in times of urgent distress following a major trauma event.  The rule of confidentiality is provided in this policy for all individuals rendering or receiving crisis intervention support, except in special circumstances required by law.

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