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Recycle at School

Whether you are looking to start a new recycling program or improve recycling at your school, Keep Fort Worth Beautiful can help you reach your goals.

Be a Recycling Champion

School recycling programs are most successful when they are supported by a recycling team. This team should include your School Green Team and your school’s custodial staff to encourage involvement at all levels. When you have everyone working toward a common goal, you will be a recycling champion!

FWISD Schools

We can help ensure your school is reaching its full recycling potential through this program. Join the Recycle at School Challenge to take your recycling game to the next level:

Recycle at School Challenge

Students can also play a fun recycling game here:

Schools with existing recycling programs

Our programs are available to all public, private and homeschool students in Fort Worth. If your school has an existing recycling program, we encourage you to join the Recycle at School Challenge:

Recycle at School Challenge

If you need recycle bins for the classrooms in your school, please click the button below to fill out the request form:

Request Recycle Bins

Students can also play a fun recycling game here:

If you do not have a recycling program, see the Start a School Recycling Program below.

Start a School Recycling Program

It can be difficult to know where to start if your school does not currently offer a recycling program. Our Materials Management team can help you get a recycling program up and running at your school.

Contact the Materials Management team at or by calling 817-392-5963.

Request Recycling Training

Contact us if your school needs help to recycle the right items, and our Materials Management team will schedule a presentation to help your school recycle properly. We ask that teachers, administrators, custodial staff and any School Green Team students working on the program attend the meeting.

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