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Recycle at School

This program is sponsored by the City of Fort Worth Keep Fort Worth Beautiful and Code Compliance Solid Waste Division, and grants from partners, including the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

Be a Recycling Champion

School recycling programs are most successful when they are supported by a recycling team. The core recycling team members include your School Green Team, an administrator, a custodian and a parent to encourage involvement from all levels of the school community. When you have everyone working toward a common goal, your school will be a recycling champion!

School Recycling Bins

We will provide your school with free six-gallon recycle bins for classrooms and other areas. For details, see the application.

Download an application

Request a Recycling Presentation

Fort Worth’s Community Engagement Office offers free educational recycling presentations to school groups that emphasize the basics of recycling "Dos and Don'ts", and to learn more about how recycling conserves resources and helps protect our environment.

How to Start a School Recycling Program

It can be difficult to know where to start if your school does not currently offer a recycling program. Use the following guide and worksheet to get started.

Download the guide

Download the worksheet

Request Volunteer Certificate

Who can request a certificate for volunteer hours?

  • A parent, educator or youth leader
  • A student with a form signed by a parent, educator or youth leader verifying the number of hours volunteered

What information do you need to include in your request?

  • Number of volunteer hours
  • Description of green volunteer activities
    • Can include activities like participating in a litter cleanup, emptying recycle bins at school, working at a community garden, etc.
    • Does not include mandatory community service or activities performed due to a disciplinary action

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