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Litter-Free School Zones

This initiative is a partnership between the City of Fort Worth Keep Fort Worth Beautiful program, Fort Worth Independent School District, Strengthening After School Programs through Advocacy, Resources and Collaboration (SPARC), and Tarrant Regional Water District's Reverse Litter program.

Be a Litter Hero

Get students involved and make your campus litter-free! Choose from a list of activities that will help prevent litter and encourage recycling at your school. When students complete six of the ten activities, they get a pizza party.

Join the Litter Free School Zones challenge!

Download the applicable form for your students:

Request Volunteer Certificate

Who can request a certificate for volunteer hours?

  • A parent, educator or youth leader
  • A student with a form signed by a parent, educator or youth leader verifying the number of hours volunteered

What information do you need to include in your request?

  • Student name(s)
  • Number of volunteer hours
  • Description of green volunteer activities
    • Can include activities like participating in a litter cleanup, emptying recycle bins at school, working at a community garden, etc.
    • Does not include mandatory community service or activities performed due to a disciplinary action

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