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Circulation Policies

1: Library Cards

1.1 In accordance with City of Fort Worth Ordinance 19 – 25, individuals who reside or own property within the corporate limits of the City of Fort Worth may obtain a free library account in order to check out materials and have remote access to the library’s licensed databases and other digital resources.

1.2 By signing a library account application, customers agree to be responsible for the choice of materials checked out on the account. They agree to comply with all of the borrowing rules of the Fort Worth Public Library, pay all charges to the account, and notify the library immediately if their cards are lost or stolen, or if their names, addresses, or other contact information change.

1.3 Fort Worth residents and property owners may have only one Fort Worth Library account.

1.4 Accounts must contain the patron’s correct name and current residential, property ownership, or institutional address. A post office box may be used as a mailing address.

1.5 Email addresses are required for eCARD registrations. Email addresses will only be used for Library and City of Fort Worth business. The City of Fort Worth does not share customers’ email addresses with third parties.

1.6 Customers who do not have their cards with them may check out with valid photo ID.

1.7 Any circulating material may be checked out on any card, except Youth Accounts are blocked from checking out DVDs, BluRays, and videocassettes unless the parent/guardian has indicated permission on the application form.

1.8 Customers may indicate additional users who are authorized to have information about their account or pick up holds for them.

1.9 A default account password, the last four digits of the phone number, is assigned at registration. Customers are encouraged to change their password online at the Account link on the Library’s web site. If customers forget their password, the Account page has a link to reset the password by email. A valid email address must be in the record to use this service. Library staff cannot see passwords but they can reset them.

1.10 Individuals must present current verification of identity (picture ID) and current Fort Worth residence or ownership address in order to receive a free FWPL Adult Account. The picture ID is sufficient if it has the current address. If it does not, the customer must present separate documentation to verify the current address.

The following are acceptable forms of picture identification. Digital versions are acceptable:

  • Driver license
  • State-issued ID
  • Current school ID card
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • Matricula consular (separate residency verification required)

The following are acceptable verifications of current address or Fort Worth Property ownership. Digital versions are acceptable.

  • Texas Driver’s License
  • Texas Department of Public Safety ID
  • First-class business mail postmarked within the last 30 days
  • Lease agreement signed by current landlord
  • Current insurance card if it includes the address
  • Current Medicaid card if it includes the address
  • Personal printed check if it includes the address
  • Report card for the current school year
  • Tarrant Appraisal District statement for current year
  • Tarrant County Assessor/Collector of Taxes statement for current year
  • Texas Department of Transportation Vehicle Registration
  • Texas vehicle insurance card
  • Utility bill postmarked within 30 days

1.11 Emancipated Teens must show legal documentation that verifies their emancipation before they can be registered as an adult.

1.12 Adult customers may check out one item once on an incomplete application.

2: Youth Cards

2.1 Any youth through age 16 who resides with a parent or guardian who meets the residential requirements is eligible for a free library account.

2.2 Youth may establish identification by showing a current school ID, school transcript, or homeschool association documents. The parent’s or guardian’s ID is also acceptable to issue a Youth Account.

2.3 If a parent/guardian wishes to obtain an account for a youth who is not present, the youth’s identity must be verified by staff. One of the following forms of verification is required:

  • Birth certificate
  • Immunization record
  • School transcript
  • School ID
  • School report card
  • Passport or visa
  • Military ID

2.4 Youth who are not accompanied by a parent or guardian, and who are not visiting the library as part of a school group that has made arrangements for library accounts, may have an application to take home. The parent or guardian must return the signed application before the youth may check out library materials.

2.5 Only the parent or guardian listed as the Care-of Adult in the youth’s record may change or obtain information about the youth’s record. The Care-of Adult may indicate other adults who are also authorized to have these privileges on the youth’s account.

3: eCARDs Online Registration

3.1 New customers aged 17 and older may register online to obtain an eCARD. Customers must be Fort Worth residents or property owners. eCARDs allow customers to access the library’s e-resources such as eBooks and online databases, borrow physical materials, and place holds on items.

3.2 eCARD can only create accounts for addresses that are in Tarrant County. Residents and property owners at Fort Worth addresses in Denton, Johnson, Parker, or Wise counties may contact digitallibrary@fortworthtexas.gov for assistance.

3.3 Institutional, Temporary, TexShare, and Nonresident accounts are not eligible for online registration.

3.4 Customers will be asked to show address and photo ID the first time they use their eCARD to check out physical materials. eCARD customers whose address and photo ID have not been verified may check out 1 physical item one time.

4: Institutional Accounts

4.1 In accordance with City of Fort Worth Ordinance 19-26, businesses, 501(c)(3) organizations, and institutions within the corporate limits of the City of Fort Worth may obtain a free library account in order to check out library materials and have remote access to the library’s digital resources.

4.2 An officer of the company with financial authority must request an Institutional Library Account on company letterhead stationary. The letter must state that the company accepts financial responsibility for all uses, and state the number of cards requested, up to 5 cards.

4.3 The officer completes an FWPL application form with the name of the institution as the customer and signs it, indicating his position with the company. The officer signs each card with the same signature that is on the application.

4.4 The officer is responsible for distributing and monitoring the use of these cards. The institution is responsible for fines and lost materials.

4.5 All of the institution’s cards share the same account. If one associated card is delinquent, none of the cards can be used until the delinquency is cleared. The account is subject to the maximum borrowing limits described in 15.5.

4.6 Institutional Accounts must be renewed annually. All delinquencies must be cleared before the Institutional Account can be renewed. To renew an institutional Account, the financial officer must request the renewal on company letterhead. The letter must specify the number of cards they wish to renew, and any cards they wish to replace, up to 5 total.

4.7 City of Fort Worth Departments may obtain Institutional Accounts. The Department Director must send a letter on departmental letterhead. The person who signs the department’s application must also sign the cards and is responsible for materials checked out on the accounts.

5: Privacy and Confidentiality of Customer Records:

No information about a customer’s account will be given to anyone other than the account holder, a youth’s responsible parent/guardian, library staff, the library’s contracted vendors, or other City of Fort Worth staff approved by Library Administration. Customers must present proper identification, such as their library card or a picture ID with an address that matches the account, in order for staff to provide information about that customer’s account. Refer to the Library’s Privacy and Confidentiality Policy for more information regarding disclosing customer information.

6: Renewing and Updating Accounts:

6.1 All library accounts must be renewed annually to help ensure accurate borrower address information. The customer’s name and address/property ownership must be verified at time of account renewal. There is no charge to renew a Library account. Accounts may be renewed if there are charges on them.


  • Temporary Accounts must be renewed every 6 months
  • TexShare Visitor Accounts expire on the date set by the institution that issued the visitor’s TexShare Card

6.2 Customers may update their email address, phone number, password, and notification preferences by logging into their Library account. Only staff can update the residential address.

7: School Groups

7.1 Teachers must make arrangements in advance for school groups to obtain library accounts when they visit the library.

7.2 Teachers may pick up borrower applications in advance for students who do not currently have library accounts. Staff will explain residency requirements to teachers.

7.3 Teachers assume responsibility for issuing applications to students, instructing them about proper ID and parent/guardian signature, and checking applications for accuracy and verification of residency.

7.4 Teachers must bring the completed applications to the library at least 5 working days before the visit if they wish students to check out materials during the visit. Staff will prepare the accounts and cards and have them ready for the visit.

8: MetrOPAC

8.1 Fort Worth residents can use their FWPL card to borrow most types of materials from our partner MetrOPAC libraries: Benbrook, Burleson, Haltom City, Keller, Richland Hills, and Watauga. Their resident patrons can check out most types of materials from Fort Worth Public Library.

8.2 Customers with an account from another MetrOPAC library may not also have a regular Fort Worth Library account.

8.3 MetrOPAC customer accounts may not be used for remote access to FWPL-licensed online databases or e-resources.

8.4 Nonresident customers of MetrOPAC libraries may not request or check out materials belonging to the Fort Worth Library.

8.5 MetrOPAC libraries’ fines, damaged/lost fees, item borrowing limits, and item loan periods all differ. The owning library’s loan periods, loan limits, fines, and fees override the policies at the library checking out the material.

8.6 Fines owed to any Fort Worth or MetrOPAC library may be paid at any other Fort Worth or MetrOPAC library. However, only the library that owns the material is authorized to collect or waive fees for damaged or lost materials.

8.7 Customers who move to Fort Worth from another MetrOPAC may receive a Fort Worth Library card if they owe less than $5.00 to other MetrOPAC libraries.

9: TexShare Cards

Home Library: Library serving the customer’s place of residence or property ownership

TexShare Card Program: Sponsored by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, enables customers of one Texas library to borrow materials from another Texas library. TexShare cards are issued by the customer’s home library. Libraries participating in the TexShare Card Program can be found at https://www.tsl.state.tx.us/texshare/cardpage.html.

TexShare Customer: An FWPL customer with a TexShare card issued by FWPL.

9.1 Any Fort Worth resident with a valid Fort Worth Library card in good standing may obtain a TexShare Card.

9.2 Fort Worth residents’ TexShare Cards are valid for one year.

TexShare Visitor: Visitors from outside Fort Worth or the MetrOPACs who present their TexShare card issued by their home libraries in order to borrow materials from the Fort Worth Library.

9.3 TexShare Visitors must present their valid TexShare card issued by their home library, along with a picture ID and proof of address, in order to obtain an FWPL TexShare Visitor Card. Visitors with no home library may not receive a TexShare Visitor Card from FWPL.

9.4 TexShare Visitors must complete the standard FWPL borrower’s application.

9.5 TexShare Visitors’ cards expire on the same date as the TexShare card issued by their home library.

9.6 TexShare Visitors are subject to the same fines, fees, loan periods, and borrowing limits as resident FWPL account holders.

9.7 FWPL’s TexShare Visitors may only check out, request, and transfer materials belonging to the Fort Worth Library. They may not check out, request, or transfer materials belonging to other MetrOPAC libraries.

9.8 TexShare Visitors may have remote access to the TexShare databases available through FWPL’s website. They may not have remote access to databases, eBooks or other digital resources licensed by FWPL.

9.9 TexShare Visitors must return FWPL materials to any FWPL location.

9.10 There is no charge to replace a lost or stolen TexShare or TexShare Visitor card.

9.11 The TexShare Visitor’s home library assumes responsibility for materials borrowed by their customers.

10: Nonresidents

10.1 In accordance with City of Fort Worth Ordinance 19-26, individuals, institutions, organizations, and businesses whose legal residence or place of business is not within the corporate city limits of Fort Worth may use the collections and services of the Fort Worth Library by purchasing a Nonresident Card. Nonresident Cards may be purchased at any Fort Worth Library for an annual fee of $50. An exception to the fee requirement is made for Nonresident students as defined below.

10.2 Individuals of any age may purchase a Nonresident Account.

10.3 Residents of other MetrOPAC cities may purchase a Fort Worth Library Nonresident Account, even if they already have a card with their own library.

10.4 Individuals, companies, or institutions must provide verification of identity and current address in order to purchase a Nonresident Card. The documents listed in 1.10 are acceptable forms of identity and address verification.

10.5 Nonresident Accounts have full access to all Fort Worth Library materials and services, including remote access to OverDrive, online databases, and other digital resources. They may not check out, request, or transfer materials belonging to other MetrOPAC libraries.

10.6 Lost or stolen Nonresident cards will be deactivated. Stolen cards will be replaced at no charge. Lost cards will be replaced one time for free. Additional lost cards are $2.00 each, payable by cash or check.

10.7 Nonresident fees are not refunded if the account is not needed an entire year.

10.8 Nonresidents may not self-register for accounts online.

Nonresident Students

10.9 A Nonresident individual who is currently enrolled in grades Pre-K through 12, inclusive, of any formally recognized educational institution may receive a Nonresident Student Account. These accounts have full access to all Fort Worth Library materials and services, including remote access to OverDrive, online databases, and other digital resources. Enrollment is subject to verification by Library staff. Nonresident Student Accounts expire 1 year after date of issue. Acceptable forms of verification include, but are not limited to:

  • Current Student ID
  • Report card or progress report dated within the last 6 months
  • Enrollment paperwork for current year
  • Current class schedule issued by school
  • Letter from the teacher or principal or school librarian on school letterhead

10.10 Nonresident Student Accounts are not available for homeschooled students. Parents/guardians may purchase a Nonresident Account Card for them, or homeschooled students may complete the requirements for a Nonresident Volunteer Account.

Nonresident Volunteers

10.11 Nonresidents who complete 100 hours of volunteer service through the Library’s Volunteer Program may receive one Nonresident Volunteer Account entitling them to borrow physical library materials, access digital resources, or use library services free of charge during the time the account is valid. Such accounts are valid for one year following completion of the 100 hours and may be renewed upon completion of an additional 100 hours service. Nonresident Volunteer Accounts have full access to Fort Worth Library materials and services, including remote access to OverDrive, online databases, and other digital resources.

Nonresident City of Fort Worth Employees

10.12 Current City of Fort Worth employees who are not residents of the city of Fort Worth are eligible for a free Fort Worth Nonresident CFW Employee Account.

10.13 Nonresident City of Fort Worth employees must complete an application, show proof of current address, and show their employee ID.

10.14 Nonresident City of Fort Worth employees have the same borrowing privileges as Fort Worth residents, including remote access to OverDrive, online databases, and other digital resources.

10.15 Nonresident employees’ family members do not qualify for library accounts

10.16 Nonresident City Employee accounts must be renewed annually. City Employee ID and proof of current residential address are required to renew accounts.

11: Computer Cards:

The Library issues Computer Cards to customers who do not qualify for a Fort Worth borrower’s card, or who do not want a borrower’s card, but who wish to use Library computers. Computer Cards are valid for one year and cannot be used to check out library materials. This will apply anywhere that PC Management Software is implemented. Photo ID is required but address verification is not.

12: Temporary Accounts

Any individual who has resided at the YMCA, YWCA, a Fort Worth hotel or motel, or a shelter within the corporate limits of the City of Fort Worth for a minimum of three months is eligible for a free Temporary Account. The individual must present a signed letter from the residential manager on letterhead stating that the facility is a permanent address and that the individual has resided there for a minimum of three months. Temporary Accounts are available for adults and youth, and are valid for 6 months. The residential manager is not responsible for materials checked out on these accounts.

13: Blocked Accounts

Customers’ account must not have any blocks in order to check out materials and have remote access to the library’s digital resources. Accounts may be blocked for the following reasons:

  • Expired card
  • Card reported lost or stolen
  • Outstanding fines or fees over $4.99
  • Overdue materials
  • Lost or damaged materials
  • Account sent to debt collection
  • Address verification or correction needed
  • Phone correction needed
  • Notice returned/undeliverable. Utility bill or first-class business mail postmarked to the new address within the last 30 days is required to remove block.
  • Duplicate account
  • Bankruptcy
  • Other problems or questions about the account that should be resolved before the customer can check out library material

14: Lost, Stolen, and Damaged Cards

14.1 Customers are responsible for notifying the Library if their card is lost or stolen.

14.2 Cards reported lost or stolen will be deactivated immediately. Customers are responsible for any materials checked out on the card until it is reported lost or stolen. A police report may be required before the customer’s record will be cleared.

14.3 Lost or stolen cards are not reactivated. Lost or stolen cards presented for use are destroyed. If the Library has the card in Lost and Found, customer must show ID before getting the card back.

14.4 Customers must show photo ID and proof of address to receive new card. Lost cards will be replaced one time at no charge. Additional replacements for lost cards are $2.00, payable by cash or check, which must be paid before the replacement card is issued. There is no charge to replace stolen cards.

14.5 Cards that are unusable due to wear or damage will be replaced at no charge. Customers are encouraged to wear out their cards.

14.6 Accounts whose barcodes are replaced must be updated with OverDrive. Contact DigitalLibrary@fortworthlibrary.org.

15: Check Out and Return of Materials

15.1 Any individual wishing to check out materials from the Fort Worth Library must have an FWPL library account, a MetrOPAC library account, an FWPL Nonresident Account, or a TexShare Visitor Library Card.

15.2 Any Fort Worth Library resident account is eligible to check out any circulating physical item in Fort Worth’s or the other MetrOPACs’ collections.

15.3 Fort Worth Nonresident and TexShare Visitor account holders may not hold or check out items belonging to the other MetrOPAC libraries.

15.4 TexShare Visitor accounts may not check out or access FWPL’s OverDrive, Freegal, or library-licensed databases. See also 9.8.

15.5 Account holders may have up to 50 items checked out at any given time. They may borrow multiple copies of the same title. There are limits on specific types of high-demand materials:

  • DVDs/Blu-Rays/Videos: 15 total
  • Playaway Back Pack: 2
  • Youth Early Literacy Backpack: 2
  • Youth Early Literacy Kit: 2 (must be checked out on Adult Account)
  • Complete multi-item sets may be checked out
  • Hotspots: 1 (Fort Worth Residents only)

Customers may also have up to 10 OverDrive eformats (eBooks, eAudiobooks, and Video) checked out at a time. These do not count toward checkout limits on physical materials.

15.6 Physical library materials may be checked out for a period of 3 weeks except videocassettes, DVDs and special loans of reference materials. Loan periods for these materials are:

  • Videocassettes and DVDs: 7 days
  • Special loans, e.g. reference material: At the librarian’s discretion

15.7 OverDrive eformats: Customers may select the loan periods for most OverDrive eBooks, eAudiobooks, and videos:

  • eBooks: 7, 14, or 21 days
  • eAudiobook: 7 or 14 days
  • Video: 3 or 7 days

Some OverDrive eformat titles have lending periods that cannot be changed.

15.8 All FWPL materials may be returned to any FWPL or MetrOPAC library. Returned materials are credited to customers’ accounts the day they are returned to any of these libraries. Materials are checked in as soon as possible, usually no later than close of business day.

15.9 Any FWPL materials may be returned in any book drop. Materials returned in a book drop while the library is open will be credited as returned on that day. Materials returned in a book drop while the library is closed will be credited as returned on the last day that library was open.

16: Renewing Materials

16.1 Most Library materials may be renewed two times at any FWPL or MetrOPAC library if no other customer has placed a request on the title. Customers may renew items if there are no blocks on their account. Materials do not need to be present in order to be renewed.

16.2 Customers may renew items that are overdue if their accruing overdue fines plus other fees are less than $5.00, there are no other blocks on their accounts, and there are no requests on the item.

16.3 Library materials may be renewed in person or by calling a library. Customers can also renew with TeleMessaging 817-392-7771, or by accessing their account online. Materials that are renewed in person, online, or by TeleMessage before the end of the loan period are renewed from the date of renewal, not the due-date.

16.4 Only Interlibrary Loan staff may renew interlibrary loan materials. Staff must obtain permission from the loaning library. Contact the ILL office at 817-392-7731 for assistance with ILL renewals.

Almost Overdue and Auto-Renew

16.5 The Library emails Almost Overdue reminder notices 3 days before the due date.

16.6 The Library automatically renews materials (Auto-Renew) when the Almost Overdue notices are generated. However, materials are renewed from their original due-date and receive their full three or one-week renewal period.

16.7 Auto-renewals are counted toward the 2-renewal limit.

16.8 Items will be auto-renewed if the renewal limit has not been reached, there are no requests on the title, and there are no blocks (see 13) on the customer’s account at the time the Auto-Renew process is run. Items will not be auto-renewed if the customer’s account will expire before the new due-date.

16.9 Almost Overdue notices are only sent by email. They indicate which materials were auto-renewed and which materials are due on their original upcoming due-date.

16.10 Customers are responsible for checking their accounts for items that were and were not auto-renewed.

16.11 If items were not auto-renewed, customers may try renewing the items themselves online. It is possible items became eligible for renewal after the Almost Overdue notices were run 3 days before the due date.

16.12 It is not possible to opt-out of Auto-Renew.

16.13 OverDrive eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eVideos are not auto-renewed.

17: Hold Requests and Transfers

17.1 Fort Worth Resident account holders may place hold requests on most circulating materials owned by or on-order for the Fort Worth Library, and on most circulating physical materials owned by another MetrOPAC library. Staff will place hold requests for customers, or customers can place hold requests themselves through the Library’s online catalog.

17.2 Customers may have up to 10 hold requests on physical materials at any one time. This includes Active/Pending requests, holds in transit, and items on the hold shelf. Additionally, customers may have up to 10 ILL requests and 10 open holds on OverDrive eBooks, eAudiobooks, and streaming videos.

17.3 Holds and transfers for FWPL materials will be held for 10 days beyond check-in at the pick-up library. Older held materials will be removed from the hold shelf as new materials arrive. MetrOPAC materials will be held according to MetrOPAC policies.

17.4 Most circulating items on shelf at one location can be transferred to another location for pickup.

17.5 Customers with overdue materials and outstanding fines/fees may request materials, but may not check out items if their fees exceed $4.99.

17.6 Customers of any age may place hold requests and transfer materials, except requests for DVDs and videos may not be placed with Youth Accounts that are blocked from checking out these items (see 1.7).

17.7 Hold requests remain active for 8 months. Customers can suspend and cancel Active/Pending requests from their accounts. Holds cannot be canceled if they are in-transit to or being held at the pickup location.

17.8 Customers will be notified by telephone, email, mail, or text when a requested item is being held and is available for pickup. The default notification method is email. Customers may change their preferred notification method by logging into their library account or notifying library staff.

17.9 Customers who find an item on the shelf and present it for check out will be allowed to check out the item even if there are hold requests on it. Customers may not check out items that are being held for another customer.

17.10 Customers may place hold requests on items themselves through the library’s online catalog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, since libraries check the shelves for these online requests once a day, even “on shelf” items may not be available for immediate pick-up. Customers needing to pick up materials immediately should call the owning library and have the materials set aside for pick-up.

17.11 Only staff are able to place requests on specific copies of a title.

18: Library Fines and Fees

18.1 Customers whose accounts have lost materials, overdue materials, or $5.00 or more in outstanding fines and other fees will have their borrowing, remote database access, and e-resource privileges suspended until they return lost materials or pay the total replacement and processing costs, return overdue materials, and reduce fines and other fees to less than $5.00. Accounts sent to the collection agency must be cleared to $0.00 owed before privileges are restored.

18.2 Customers may work off fines and fees at the rate of $7.25 per hour. Privileges will be restored when fees are below $5.00 unless the account was sent to the collection agency. Customers arrange this with the branch manager. Debt collect fees cannot be volunteered off.

18.3 Anyone can pay for fines and fees on any account. Fines and fees associated with library materials may be paid in person by cash, check, or credit card at any Fort Worth library, or online by credit card at My Account. Fees associated with other services must be paid in person. MetrOPAC libraries can accept payments for fines but not for lost or damaged material.

Overdue Fines

18.4 Items are due on the date indicated on the date due receipt. Customers may call the library, access their accounts online or call TeleMessaging to determine due dates of items they have checked out.

18.5 Overdue fines are assessed for every day past the due date, excluding closed days and holidays, up to the maximum fine as indicated at 18.7.

18.6 Overdue Fine Schedule:

  • Reference Books: $2.00 per hour
  • DVDs, Blu-Rays, Videos: $1.00 per day
  • Hotspots: $1.00 per day
  • Laptops: $0.25 per hour
  • All other materials: $0.25 per day

18.7 Maximum fines are $15.00 except as indicated below:

  • Audiocassette: $10.00
  • Emergent Literacy: $10.00
  • Fotonovela: $2.00
  • Hotspots: $15.00
  • Laptop: $2,500.00
  • Laptop Power Cord: $25.00
  • Mass Market Paperback: $10.00
  • Periodical: $2.00
  • Reference Book: $100.00
  • Special Loan: $100.00
  • Videocassette: $10.00

18.8 Email is the default notification method to alert customers of overdue materials. Customers who prefer to be notified by TeleMessage or regular mail instead may change their preferences online at My Library Account, or contact the Library staff.

18.9 Overdue notices are sent 8 days after the materials are due, in the customer’s preferred notification format. A second overdue notice is emailed and/or texted 34 days after the due-date. TeleMessaging calls 3 times over 2 days. If there is no answer, the library sends an email or regular mail notice on the 3rd day. If materials have not been returned or the fees have not been paid, a bill is mailed 60 days after the due-date.

19: Damaged Materials

19.1 Customers who damage or allow damage to occur to library materials that are checked out on their account or an account for which they are responsible must reimburse the library for the damage, up to and including the full price of the material plus processing charges.

19.2 Partial damage includes torn or missing processing components (jacket, barcode, pocket, etc.), drawing or writing that does not interfere with text or illustrations, mild dirt, tears, etc.

19.3 Total damages will be assessed if the material is no longer suitable for circulation. If total damages are assessed, the customer must pay the replacement cost of the material, and the material is withdrawn from the collection. Total damage assessment will be charged if:

  • The item is un-repairable short of re-binding
  • The item has been chewed or severely torn
  • The binding is warped or missing
  • Multiple pages are missing or marked
  • A tape or disc is missing, broken, or scratched
  • Writing or coloring obscures the text or illustrations
  • Other damages render the material unusable
  • The item shows evidence of fluid, mildew, filth, mold, or infestation. Items returned in this condition are sealed in a plastic bag immediately, and may be disposed of immediately, so as not to infect the rest of the collection. A note is placed in the customer’s record.

19.4 Replacement costs for items assessed total damage will be the price in the item record, the supplier’s current price, or the Amazon.com cost for a new copy in the same format, whichever is lower. If new copies of the damaged edition are no longer available, the default price in 21.1 will be used. Costs for used copies are not used to determine replacement costs.

19.5 If a partially damaged item is overdue when returned, overdue fines are added. Overdue fines are not added if total damage is assessed.

19.6 The library may accept brand new, unused copies of the most recent edition in the same format as replacements for damaged materials at the librarian’s discretion. Other editions may be declined at the librarian’s discretion. Customers should get the manager’s approval before purchasing a replacement copy. If customer asks to buy a replacement copy, the library will provide the correct edition information. Media must still be in sealed shrink wrap. The customer must still pay processing fees.

19.7 Items with total damage will be held for 60 days and then discarded. A note will be placed in the customer’s record. Materials that pose a hazard, e.g. moldy or infested, will be discarded immediately.

20: Lost or Stolen Materials

20.1 Items that are more than 60 days overdue are considered lost. Customers are sent a bill for replacement and processing costs.

20.2 Customers who lose or allow library materials to be lost that are checked out on their account or on an account for which they are responsible must reimburse the library for the cost of the material plus a processing fee.

20.3 Replacement costs for lost items will be the price in the item record, the supplier’s current price, or the Amazon.com cost for a new copy in the same format, whichever is lower. If new copies of the lost edition are no longer available, the default price in 21.1 will be used. Costs for used copies are not used to determine replacement costs.

20.4 If a lost item is overdue at the time a customer wishes to pay for it, the customer is not charged an overdue fine.

20.5 Customers who pay for lost materials will be given a receipt showing all costs and fees associated with the payment.

20.6 The library may accept brand new, unused copies of the most recent edition in the same format as replacements for lost materials at the librarian’s discretion. Other editions may be declined at the librarian’s discretion. Customers should get the manager’s approval before purchasing a replacement copy. If customer asks to buy a replacement copy, the library will provide the correct edition information. Media must still be in sealed shrink wrap. The customer must still pay processing fees.

20.7 Customers are not charged replacement costs or processing fees for materials that are stolen if they have a police report documenting the theft.

21: Replacement and Processing Default Charges

21.1 Default Prices: This average list price will be used to determine replacement value if no other price information is available for the item.

  • Audiocassette: $10.00
  • Book – Adult: $20.00
  • Book – Child and Young Adult: $15.00
  • Book on CD: $15.00
  • Book with Media: $20.00
  • Braille: $15.00
  • CD With Book: $15.00
  • Children’s Program Materials: $75.00
  • DVD/Blu-ray: $25.00
  • Electronic Device: $150.00
  • Emergent Literacy Materials: $25.00
  • Fotonovela: $2.00
  • Hotspot: TBD
  • Kit: $15.00
  • Laptop: $2,500.00
  • Laptop Power Supply: $25.00
  • Lucky Day: $25.00
  • Map: $75.00
  • Mass Market Paperback: $7.00
  • McNaughton: $20.00
  • Microform: $25.00
  • Muse Pass: $5.00
  • Music CD: $15.00
  • Paperback – Child: $3.99
  • Periodical—Circulating: $3.00
  • Periodical—Reference: $3.00
  • Playaway: $45.00
  • Playaway Book Pack: $70.00
  • Reference: $75.00
  • Score: $100.00
  • Shopping Basket: $10.00
  • Special Loan Material: $75.00
  • Staff Training Material: $75.00
  • Videocassette: $20.00

21.2 Fees to cover the cost of processing supplies and labor on lost or damaged hardback and trade paperback books, books on CD, and DVDs/BluRays are $3.00 per item.

22: Claims Returned or Claims Never Had

22.1 If customers have an overdue notice or delinquency block and claim to have returned the item(s) or claim to have never had the item(s), staff will put a CLAIMS RETURN the customers’ records for the item(s).

22.2 Items stay on Claims Returned for 60 days from the due date. Staff search for the materials, and customers may check out as normal during this period.

22.3 Once library materials have been placed on Claims Returned status, the materials cannot be renewed.

22.4 After 60 days from the due date, items that are not found will be placed to LOST, which generates a notice to the customer indicating the amount due, including processing fee.

23: Refunds

23.1 Customers who pay for lost material, then find and return the material within 60 days of the due date may receive a refund. Overdue fines and half of the processing fee will be deducted from the refund. Refunds will not be made for materials that are lost, paid, then returned 60 or more days after the due date.

23.2 Refunds are processed by Library Administration and City of Fort Worth’s Financial Management Services, and take 6 – 8 weeks.

23.3 Customers’ accounts may be credited if a credit is acceptable to the customer in lieu of a refund.

24: Debt Collect

24.1 Accounts, regardless of account holder age, owing from $10.00 to $24.99 will be sent to the Library’s collection agency 30 days after the total owed reaches $10.00. A $3.00 collection fee will be added to these accounts.

24.2 Accounts, regardless of account holder age, owing $25 or more total fines and fees will be sent to the Library’s collection agency 30 days after the total owed reaches $25. A $10.00 collection fee is added to the account.

24.3 Collection fees cannot be volunteered off and cannot be waived unless the charge resulted from a library error.

24.4 Accounts sent to the collection agency must be cleared to $0.00 before borrowing, auto-renew, and online privileges are restored.

24.5 The collection agency sends collection notices. Payments are made directly to the Fort Worth Public Library, not to the collection agency.

24.6 Library accounts sent to collection are not reported to credit bureaus.

24.7 Customers can set up payment arrangements. The collection accounts can be suspended for up to a year as long as the customer makes payments as agreed.

24.8 At customer’s request, the Library’s Customer Service Supervisor can generate a “paid in full” letter from the collection agency.

25: Miscellaneous fees:

  • Flashdrive sales: $5.00 each
  • Headphone sales: $3.00 each
  • Returned checks (collected through City Hall): $25.00 each


  • Copier machines: $0.15 per page
  • Black/white PC printout: $0.15 per page
  • Color PC printout: $0.50 per page

Micro Reader/Printer Copies

  • Customer-made: $0.25 per page
  • Staff-made: $0.50 per page
  • Staff will assist with 1st 5 micro reader/printer pages: $0.25 per page


26.1 If the Fort Worth Library does not own a title or article of interest, the Library will attempt to borrow it from another Texas or U.S. library.

26.2 Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services are available to Fort Worth Library resident, property owner, and nonresident cardholders. TexShare and MetrOPAC customers must use the interlibrary loan services available at their home libraries.

26.3 There is no charge for most ILL services. If a lending library charges fees to loan its materials, we would proceed only with the customer’s pre-approval of the cost.

26.4 Customers may place their own ILL requests through the Texas Group Catalog at http://texasgroup.worldcat.org or request staff assistance at any Fort Worth Library location.

26.5 An email address is required to use the interlibrary loan system.

26.6 Some types of materials may not be available through ILL. These include, but are not limited to: reference materials, rare materials, digital resources, and new and best-selling titles.

26.7 Customers may have up to 10 active ILLs checked out and/or requested at any given time.

26.8 ILLs must be checked out on the account that placed the original request.

26.9 Accounts must be free of blocks to check out ILLs.

26.10 Due-dates are set by the loaning library and posted on each item. The Fort Worth Library cannot change these due-dates. Items will be held at the requested pick-up library until the due date posted on the item.

26.11 Customers are responsible for interlibrary loan materials checked out on their card. Charges for lost and damaged materials are set by the lending library.

26.12 Overdue fines for ILL materials are $0.25 per day

26.13 One renewal of 2 weeks may be requested from the lending library if the item is not overdue. Renewals must be requested through the Interlibrary Loan Office. Branch staff may not renew interlibrary loan materials without authorization from the Interlibrary Loan Unit.

26.14 All paperwork and identification stickers included with an ILL must be returned.

26.15 ILLs may be checked out and returned to Fort Worth Library locations only.

26.16 It may take 2 to 6 weeks for requested materials to arrive.

Last updated: Sept. 11, 2018