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Long Range Services Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Long Range Services Plan Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Long Range Services Plan?

Towards the end of Fort Worth Public Library’s Centennial Celebration, Library Director Gleniece Robinson remarked that, “One hundred years is time to stop, take a look back and see how you want to move into the millennium.” The Library’s Long-Range Services Plan will be a map for that journey. This planning process will help gather the information needed to make the right decisions. It will help gauge how well current services are meeting your needs. It will help identify new services that would benefit you most. Finally, it will help determine how to allocate staff and other resources so that the Library can continue to offer services you have always found helpful, along with the new services you need. Your input is critical to the Plan’s success, to the Library’s success, and to the success of our communities.

How long will it take to complete the Long Range Services Plan?

The planning process will take 12-18 months. The Plan will be completed and available for public review by June 2003. The Library will implement the Plan over the next 10 years.

What kind of information will the Library gather?

Information about the community and information about Library services will be gathered. Fort Worth Public Library serves everyone, from preschoolers to senior citizens, from the technologically astute to new adult readers, from native-born Texans to those who’ve just moved here from around the globe. It is critical that the Library understands the diverse needs of the people served, so it can be an asset to your community.

The Library will look closely at neighborhoods and analyze communities using the 2000 Census and other resources, including personal surveys. Community meetings will be held in each City Council District. Library users will be surveyed in all Library branches. People who do not use the Library will be surveyed on the telephone. Focus groups will be conducted with community leaders and special needs organizations. Every effort will be taken to identify your information and library needs for the future.

The Library will also evaluate staff workload, current library programs, services, facilities and technological infrastructure to determine how these may be changed or adapted to meet Fort Worth’s changing information needs.

What will be the results of all this?

A Plan of Service will be developed. Existing services may be adjusted and new ones developed, based on what is learned from your input. Updated information about the planning process, the Long-Range Services Plan itself, and its progress will be available at all Fort Worth libraries and its web page, www.fortworthlibrary.org.

How much will the Plan cost?

Total cost for the Plan is $375,000. The Fort Worth Public Library Foundation has provided $175,000 toward the project. The Friends of the Fort Worth Public Library, Inc. gave $25,000. An additional $25,000 came from the Hazel Vaughn Leigh Trust. The City of Fort Worth has pledged the remaining $150,000. The Library hired Dubberly Associates Incorporated, a library consulting company, to guide this process. The funding includes the costs of developing and conducting surveys; evaluating current services, staffing, facilities, and technology; facilitating focus groups and community meetings; training library staff in data gathering and analysis; facilitating the process of developing the service plan for the future; and helping the Library make the best use of staff, facilities, and technology.

Why does the Library need consultants for this?

Library staff is assisting with much of this work, but does not have the expertise or time to do it all. It’s usually beneficial to have the help of an impartial person with a fresh point of view. Dubberly Associates Inc. offers a team that is made up of working librarians with experience in some of the most innovative libraries in the country and personifies the best practices in the profession. They’ll bring time, skills, and expertise that Library staff lack, and provide fresh perspectives that staff involved in day-to-day operations may not have.

Will the consultants tell us what to do?

No. The consultants will help us analyze the information and opinions the Library gathers. They will help the Library see the possibilities for the future. With your input, the Library will decide how to enhance its service.

How can I get involved?

  • If you currently use the Library, you may start by completing the User Survey being conducted at all Fort Worth Public Library locations the week of May 5 through May 11, 2002.
  • Ask friends who don’t use the Library to participate in the telephone survey if they are called.
  • Complete surveys later in the summer about your experience with the Library’s collection of books, videos, CDs, and other materials.
  • Come to the Community Input Meetings planned for September 3 - 13, 2002. There’ll be a meeting in each City Council District. Look for the schedule later this summer at www.fortworthlibrary.org or by calling 817-871-READ.
  • Volunteer to become a part of the Long-Range Services Team at 817-871-7703.

Last updated: June 18, 2013