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Technology Plan

The Fort Worth Public Library developed a Technology Plan in 2006, using the Public Library Association’s Technology for Results as a planning model.  This Plan will guide the Library’s technology initiatives, budget, and resource allocation through 2008. Because technologies that may be useful to libraries and their customers develop rapidly, this Plan is reviewed and updated quarterly. The plan will be updated upon finalization of the Library Comprehensive Plan: 20/20 Vision.

Fiscal Year 2006:

  • Install PC Reservation and Print Management stations in all facilities (completed 2006)
  • Install self-charge machines at 3 library locations (completed 2007)
  • Upgrade Library Web site (completed 2006)

Fiscal Year 2007:

  • Provide ADA compliant workstations (completed 2010)
  • Provide downloadable audiobooks (completed 2007)
  • Provide public WiFi (completed Central 2007, branches 2008)
  • Enable payment in-person and online by credit/debit cards (completed 2007)
  • Initiate digital archives collection (in process)

Fiscal Year 2008:

  • Migrate to Horizon 8.x (delayed until after Northwest Branch is opened)
  • Upgrade public and staff PCs (delayed due to budget cuts)
  • Plan network upgrade (completed)
  • Open new branch in northwest sector (scheduled for late summer 2010)

Last updated: Jan. 29, 2014