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About Library Computers

All Fort Worth Public Libraries have desktop and computers for public use. PCs may be used to search the library’s online catalog and subscription databases, access the Internet, create documents with Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, check email, play games, and enjoy streaming audio and video. Internet access is filtered for adult content.

You may use and save files on your own storage device (USB sticks), but you may not save files to the computer hard drives, download programs to the hard drives, or make changes to computer or network configurations.

All desktop computers are capable of making color (.50 cents per page) and black and white (.15 cents per page) prints. Printing from laptops and on the Library’s wifi network is not available at this time. Coin/bill machines accept one dollar bills and five dollar bills. Headsets are available for sale at circulation desks for a nominal charge. You may also use your own headset.

A Fort Worth Public Library card is required to use most library computers. Library visitors who do not have a library card can obtain an Internet Card from the Circulation Desk.

You may have up to 2 one-hour sessions each day. Some libraries also have 15 minute “express” PCs for quick use. Time may be extended if no one is waiting. Some libraries have PCs that are reserved for children’s and teen’s use. If you need more information, please contact the individual libraries for details.

Customers using Library computers are expected to adhere to the Library’s Public PC, Internet, Wireless Use Policy.

The Library offers computer classes in English and in Spanish.

Accessibility Workstations

Central Library now offers computer workstations specifically designed to assist persons with accessibility challenges. Below is an overview of the two accessibility workstations and their features.

Visual Impairments/Literacy Problems

  • ZoomText
    • Magnify images on screen up to 36 times
    • Voice synthesizer, which can “read” on-line documents out loud, echo mouse and keyboard activity or repeat a written word.
    • Change the screen colors. Helpful for individuals who have colorblindness or dyslexia.
  • Large-print keyboard.

Hearing Loss

  • Sorensen SVRS
    • Video camera for communicating using sign language.
    • Patrons also can use this station to connect to an interpreter, who can interpret in English and Spanish.
  • TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf)
    • Send text messages via a telephone connection.
  • Both workstations are available on the lower level of Central Library.

Last updated: Aug. 28, 2019