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Microfilm Searches and Mail Requests

1. Which newspapers do you have on microfilm?

Our local newspaper holdings include:

  • The Fort Worth Star Telegram, morning edition, and its predecessors, beginning in May 1873 to the current.
  • The Fort Worth Star Telegram, evening edition, and its predecessors, July 1902 through its end in March 1995
  • The Fort Worth Press, 1921-1975
  • The Dallas Morning News, July 1938 - December 1965, and beginning again in January 1987 to the current.

2. Do you do searches for obituaries?

We encourage you to come to the library, if you are able. Any time the Library is open to the public, we have staff to assist you. Our mail request service is primarily for those who are out of town or unable to travel. We will do limited searches for obituaries based on the date of a death (day, month, and year). Our policy is to search three consecutive days of microfilm for each request beginning with the day after the death.

3. What if I do not have the date of death?

The Fort Worth Library Genealogy and Local History Department has the Texas Death Index from 1903 to 1996 on microfilm.

4. Can you check the index or files for the date of a local event or obituary?

The electronic indexing service for the Fort Worth Star Telegram (Newsbank) begins with the December 1990. The Magazines, Newspapers, and Documents Department has a card file with material compiled by volunteers for 1966-1985. There is an Obituary Index to the Fort Worth Press from 1966 to 1976, and the Fort Worth Star Telegram from 1966 to 1993. We are happy to check these sources, but microfilm searches for unindexed material are limited to three consecutive days.

5. I can’t tell you the date of an event within a three-day window, and the material is not indexed. What can I do?

The Genealogy and Local History Department has a list of professional researchers who can do more extensive searching. Their department may be contacted by telephone at (817) 392-7740; in writing at 500 W. 3rd, Fort Worth, TX 76102-7305; or by e-mail at genlhst@fortworthtexas.gov

6. How do I obtain a copy of an article or obituary?

Contact us with your request by mail, phone or e-mail. If we are able to locate the article or obituary in our microfilm archives, we will respond with a confirmation letting you know and informing you of the charge for obtaining copies. We then ask that you send a check or money order made out to Fort Worth Public Library in that amount and we will send you the copies. Contact information below.

Fort Worth Public Library
Social Sciences & Periodicals
500 W. 3rd Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Phone: 817-392-7721
email: periodicals@fortworthtexas.gov

7. Is it possible for you to provide the front page of a newspaper for a specific date?

We do not have a microfilm reader/printer which will reproduce copies larger than 11 X 17.

8. Can articles be e-mailed to me?

We can e-mail articles, including obituaries, obtained from the Newsbank Database for the Fort Worth Star Telegram starting with December 1990. We have access to an electronic database for The Dallas Morning News for 1984 forward, but obituaries are not included in that database. Material in these databases is full-text, not a graphic reproduction of the newspaper; therefore, no photographs are included.

9. Can you fax an article to me?

We will fax articles only to other Fort Worth Public Library branches, and there will be a charge for the copies. We cannot make long distance calls or fax material to individuals.

Last updated: Aug. 27, 2018