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Every Child Ready to Read-Vocabulary Skills

Vocabulary Skills

Vocabulary skills help young children learn how to name things and to learn new words.

Why is this important?

Knowing words is directly related to learning how to read. Children learn to talk by listening to others talk. The more words they hear, the more words they will know. Research shows that talking to , singing to and reading to your children make more brain connections for learning how to read .

What can you do?

  • Talk to your child about everything you are doing during the day, such as when you are preparing a meal.
  • Listen when your children talk to you and have patience with them as they express themselves.
  • Read aloud to your child as often as you can. Books are filled with new words.
  • Read the same books again and again; repetition helps learning.
  • Use magnetic letters to form words.
  • Rhyme words for fun: “Look at the book,” or “The car is far.”
  • When at the grocery store, point out the words on products and say the names like, “Look at the red apples “ or “See the different kinds of bread?”
  • Sing songs and recite nursery rhymes throughout the day.

Which books are best?

Books with interesting words, pictures and stories that have repeated patterns and rhymes are fun ways to learn new words.

Books to share:

  • Blue Bowl Down by C.M. Millen
  • Peekaboo Morning by Rachel Isadora
  • Tough Boris by Mem Fox

This information was shared from Kent District Library, Comstock Park ,MI.

Last updated: March 28, 2016