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Every Child Ready to Read

Ready to Read!

Every Child Ready to Read® @ your library® (ECRR) is a parent education initiative. It stresses that early literacy begins with the primary adults in a child’s life.

The Six Skills that can help your child:

Print Awareness
Children learn print awareness through opportunities that show how print is everywhere around them and that words have meaning and purpose. Knowing how to handle a book and how to follow words on a page are important parts of this skill.

Print Motivation
All about getting your child excited by books and reading. Right from birth, children can have positive connections with books when stories are read aloud to them. Young children will feel a happy bond and will see that sharing books is fun. The best way to motivate your child is by sharing books every day.

Phonological Awareness
When children connect the sounds of words through rhymes, stories, songs, and play. Much of this skill has to do with listening to sounds and patterns of language throughout the day.

Vocabulary Skills
These skills help young children learn how to name things and to learn new words

Narrative Skills
Inspire a child’s understanding of how stories work. This includes the experiences of telling and retelling stories and describing ideas and events in order.

Letter Knowledge
The discovering that letters are different from each other, knowing the names and sounds of letters, and recognizing that letters are everywhere.

Support for this program is generously provided by The Morris Foundation.

Early Literacy Web Sites and Additional Resources

Reading is Fundamental: Stories, rhymes, and games for babies, preschoolers, and parents sponsored by RIF (Reading is Fundamental)

Starfall Learn to Read: Practice learning the alphabet, phonics, and more. For children preschool through first grade

Every Child Ready to Read official site created by the Public Library Association

Last updated: Feb. 7, 2014