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Casa Mañana Playhouse


In 1958, the Fort Worth City Council approved the construction of a civic amphitheater. Casa Mañana Musical, Inc., a non-profit corporation named after the popular outdoor theater built for the 1936 Texas Centennial celebration, agreed to lease the building and produce live entertainment. An air-conditioned, aluminum-domed playhouse was constructed on University Street and opened on July 5, 1958. Since then Casa Mañana has annually brought Broadway musicals and other live theater to Fort Worth. In the 1990s, a smaller Casa on the Square was opened in downtown Fort Worth. Starting in 1998, larger productions were held in the Bass Performing Art Center, also in downtown Fort Worth.


These scrapbooks were put together by the public relations officers at the Casa Mañana Playhouse. They have been donated over the years to the library by the theater itself.

Scope and Description

The collection consists of thirty scrapbooks dated from 1957, to the 1997, which include newspaper clippings, programs, brochures, photographs and other information pertaining to the performances and to the activities of the playhouse.

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Last updated: June 10, 2014