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City of Fort Worth Poll Tax Registers


In 1884, the City Council established a poll tax. The tax was collected from every male person between the age of twenty-one and sixty years of age. Originally exempted from the tax were those who were “insane, blind, deaf and dumb persons, and those who had only one hand or one foot, “ but these exemptions were later deleted from the ordinance.


These records were in the possession of the City Secretary until the were transferred to the Library in 1996. They are heavily water-damaged and some of the information is faded or obscured.

Scope and Contents Note

These four volumes date from 1907 to 1909 and list names, addresses, race, age, tax receipt numbers, and sometimes whether the individual voted in recent city elections. The volumes indicate that they are from particular wards and therefore constitute a very incomplete set of the records originally created.

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Last updated: June 10, 2014