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City of Polytechnic Minute Book


The City of Polytechnic was an independent community in Tarrant county from 1898 - 1922. It sprang up around the Polytechnic College, later Texas Wesleyan University, which was established by the Southern Methodist Conference. In 1919, the census recorded the population to be 5,173. Three years later, the city was annexed as part of Fort Worth.


This record was in the possession of the Fort Worth City Secretary until it was transferred to the library in 1996.

Scope and Contents Note

The record consists of one volume of minutes, outlining the motions and actions of the Polytechnic City Commission from 1917 - 1922. It also contains copies of some ordinances, contracts and petitions, including the ordinance providing for annexation by Fort Worth.

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Last updated: June 10, 2014