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Fort Worth and Area Post Cards


The provenance of the Fort Worth and Area Post Cards collection is unknown.

Scope and Contents Note

The Fort Worth and Area Post Cards index is organized into three major series: Fort Worth; Grapevine; and Texas Miscellaneous post cards. Comprising the Fort Worth post cards series are 29 sub-series that include Airports/Aviation; Buildings Commercial; Buildings Public City of Fort Worth; Churches; Hotels; and Schools/Colleges. The Grapevine and Texas Miscellaneous series do not contain sub-series. As a general rule post cards can be found in only one sub-series; however a few duplicate cards were placed in two sub-series. For example a card may be found in the Buildings, Public-City of Fort Worth sub-series and also in the Will Rogers section if appropriate.

As of February 2009, the Fort Worth and Area Post Cards collection consists of ½ linear foot containing approximately 500 Fort Worth post cards, 16 Grapevine post cards and 15 Texas Miscellaneous post cards. Inclusive dates for the collection are 1883 - 1999.

The index is structured as follows:

ID Number Post Card Title Sub-Series / Series Date Description/Notes

  1. The ID (Identification) Number, located in the upper right hand corner on the address side of each card, is a combination of the sub-series acronym and the number of the individual card.
  2. The Post Card Title originates from the text on the front or back of the post card.
  3. Each Sub-Series / Series is identified with an acronym and is linked to the ID number. For example, AIR005 is in the Airports & Aviation (AIR) sub-series and 005 is the number of the card.
  4. Dates for the post cards were derived from postmarks, publishing data or other documentation on the cards. Undated cards have the notation ND in the date column indicating no date.
  5. The Description/Notes section provides information from the back of individual cards or other documented sources.

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Last updated: June 26, 2014