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Fort Worth Housing Authority


After the passing of the Housing Authorities Law of the State of Texas in 1937, the City of Fort Worth formed the Housing Authority as a non-profit organization in late 1938. The Housing Authority is funded by tenant rent and subsidies from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

By 1940, the Housing Authority had developed safe, sanitary communities for families needing assistance when private rentals or homeownership were unattainable. During World War II, the Housing Authority assisted the government with construction and management of temporary housing. Fort Worth then became the first city in the United States to meet the immediate needs of veterans and their families.

A five-member Board of Commissioners governs the Authority, which are appointed by the mayor to serve a two-year term, with eligibility for reappointment. It is required that one of the board members resides in public housing. Their mission, still, is providing safe, affordable housing to low to moderate-income families.


The Fort Worth Housing Authority donated their materials to the library in 2004.

Scope and Contents Note

Materials in the Fort Worth Housing Authority collection date from 1938 - 2000. The Authority collection is housed in 27 boxes consisting of 10 linear feet.

  • Series I: Board of Commisioners (1938 – 1999) - Contains annual reports and meeting minutes. Meeting minutes are contained in twelve boxes, chronologically from 1938 – 1970. These include meeting dates, agendas, resolutions, accounts payable, budgets, bids, and employee changes. The annual reports range from 1938 – 1999, and are housed chronologically in one box.
  • Series II: Ripley Arnold Place (1938 – 1939) - Contains Appraisal Reports and Warranty Deeds from houses and lots that were demolished to make Ripley Arnold Place where white families of low to moderate-income could reside. The Appraisal Reports are in folders by parcel number in one box. Most Reports contain a picture of the property, and in some cases, there are tenants in the photograph. The Warranty Deeds, also in folders, arranged by parcel number, are for the transfer of property from private ownership to the City of Fort Worth. Included with the Warranties are Stewart Title Insurance Policies issued to the City of Fort Worth for said property.
  • Series III: Butler Place (1939 – 1940) - Butler Place was named after H.H. Butler, a Fort Worth African American who opened a private African American school for children in 1875. Butler Place was originally built to house low to moderate-income families of color. This series consists of two boxes. The first box contains Commonwealth Insurance Title Policies for the land purchased to build Butler Place. The second box contains deeds and titles to three other properties.
  • Series IV: Newspapers and Scrapbooks (1939 – 1980) - Contains five scrapbooks housed in four boxes. Four scrapbooks have dates listed on their spine, the fifth, is a series of loose scrapbook pages with scanned copies of articles from the dated scrapbooks. The scrapbooks contain numerous Housing Authority articles printed in newspapers from 1939 – 1971. The newspapers sub series is housed in one box containing two laminated pages from the Fort Worth Star Telegram relating to Housing Authority issues, also one newspaper article and three newspaper sections, dating from 1977 – 1980.
  • Series V: Photographs (1939 – 1940) - The Photographs series is housed in three boxes, with two sub series. Sub series A contains aerial construction photographs of Ripley Arnold Place and Butler Place. Sub series B contains photographs of veteran housing, housing programs (nursery, day room), Ripley Arnold / Butler Place construction, unidentified houses and unidentified people.
  • Series VI: Miscellaneous - This series contains two sub series of Oversize / Ephemera and Miscellaneous. The first sub series, consisting of one box, has correspondence, reports and newsletters. The second sub series contains one box with oversized annual reports and ephemera used for promotion and information.

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Last updated: June 26, 2014