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Fort Worth National Bank Papers


In 1873, Thomas A. Tidball and John B. Wilson established one of the first private banks in Fort Worth. The following year, Major K. M. Van Zandt, Major J. J. Jarvis and John Peter Smith purchased controlling interest. In 1884, the bank received a charter as the Fort Worth National Bank. It served as a major financial institution in the building of the community.

The first location was a two-story building at 109 W. Weatherford Street. Over the years, the bank built or occupied buildings at Main and First, Seventh and Main, and finally Fifth and Throckmorton.

After 1974, the bank was sold and became known as Texas American Bancshares, then Team Bank in the 1980’s, and finally Bank One in 1995.


These materials were donated in 1994 by the National Bank / Texas American Bank Retired Employees Association under the leadership of Joe Baldridge, a former general manager. They are not official bank records, but historical materials collected by individuals and in some cases by the institution itself.

Scope and Contents Note

This collection consists of 25 boxes of materials and 291 mounted photographs. It is divided into twelve series:

  • Series I : Histories - Consists of various typewritten and published histories of the bank as well as biographical information collected on some of the directors and officers.
  • Series II : Annual Reports - Consists of the published annual narrative reports from 1946 - 1988.
  • Series III : Financial Reports - Consists of various financial reports and statements of conditions published from 1976 - 1987.
  • Series IV : Employees - Consists of employee’s annual reports, directories, handbooks and plans dated from 1976 - 1985.
  • Series V : New Building - Consists of memos, design concept, press releases and other materials pertaining to the opening of the building on Fourth and Throckmorton in 1974.
  • Series VI : Publications - Consists of a published history of the bank, newsletters, pamphlets and other publications of the bank.
  • Series VII : Photographs - Consists of 8x10 and smaller photographs of the various banks, officers, directors, employees, and other buildings in Fort Worth.
  • Series VIII : Newspaper Clippings - Consists of items clipped from the Fort Worth Star Telegram and other newspapers during the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.
  • Series IX : Photograph Labels - Consists of small printed labels that were used during the bicentennial exhibit of the mounted photographs in Series XI.
  • Series X : Tapes and Memorabilia - Consists of video and audio tapes of bank commercials as well as various ties, caps, stickers, buttons and other bank giveaways.
  • Series XI : Scrapbooks - Included are seven boxes of scrapbooks dated 1952 - 1984.
  • Series XII : Photographs - Consists of 291 photographs about Fort Worth that were mounted and displayed during the bicentennial. The images are duplicated from various photograph collections in Fort Worth, including the Library’s.

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Last updated: June 26, 2014