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Fort Worth Poetry Society Collection


The Fort Worth Poetry Society was established in 1910, and is the oldest poetry society in the Southwest and in the state of Texas. It was originally named “The Rhymers and Composers Club” by its charter members Gatha Wood Taylor, Dr. E.H. Echel, D.S. Landis, Maude Chandler Modlin and Jeanie Pendleton Hall. The name was later changed to “The Fort Worth Poetry Society.” According to a history written by former president Mabel M. Kuykendall, “The first meetings were held in the Parrish House of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church of which Dr. Echel was the rector” and meetings were subsequently held at the houses of various members. According to the Society’s Constitution and By-Laws, their purpose “is to serve as a medium of association for poets and as a clearing house through which poetry members may pass before being offered to a larger audience.”


The Fort Worth Poetry Society collection was acquired by the library through an agreement with the Fort Worth Poetry Society in 1988. Mary Stallard McGaughy and Roberta Pipes Bowman compiled these records of the Fort Worth Poetry Society and this work was finished in 1989.

Scope and Content Notes

The Fort Worth Poetry Society collection consists of 14 boxes, or 4.75 linear feet of materials from 1910 - 1993. It is divided into three series:

  • Series I : Administrative and Historical Records - Consists of minutes from meetings, the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society, and other materials related to the history and administration of the society.
  • Series II : Publications - Consists of materials published by the Society, independently published by members of the society, and publications containing materials written by members of the society.
  • Series III : Scrapbooks - Consists of 9 scrapbooks documenting the history of the Fort Worth Poetry Society from 1910 through 1993. The materials were compiled by Mary Stallard McGaughy and Roberta Pipes Bowman until 1989, and the books assembled by Sybil Gutkowski beginning in 1981. The materials have been removed from the books as the albums were deteriorating. The scrapbooks have been retained in the original order in which they were received, which is by succession of Presidents of the Society. Each box represents one scrapbook, and is divided into folders based on the succession of Presidents of the Society. The original layout of each scrapbook page has been scanned and printed to acid free paper, with the original materials attached when possible. Newspaper clippings and other deteriorating and acidic materials were copied to acid free paper.

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Last updated: June 26, 2014