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League of Women Voters of Tarrant County


The League of Women Voters of Tarrant County organized in 1943. The history of the Tarrant County League can be traced from its inception through 2006 in the donated materials. A non-profit organization, the League promotes citizen awareness and participation in government while remaining non-partisan. The League strives to educate citizens on the workings of local, state and national governments. Items of advocacy and action for the Tarrant County League include the environment, government policies, social ethics and education.


The League of Women Voters collection was donated to the library in September 2007 by Delores Ruhs, President of the Tarrant County League.

Scope and Contents Note

The records of the League of Women Voters of Tarrant County consist of 51 boxes of materials with the bulk dating from 1970 - 2000. Included in the collection are administrative records; election materials; newsletters; a park land study; photographs; publications, newspapers and 20 scrapbooks.

  • Series I - Administration : Comprising the administration series are bylaws, correspondence, budgets, handbooks, organizational history, leadership records, office rental documents, policies, league presidents’ history, speakers bureau lists and speeches, daily logs (1999 - 2004), guidelines for league positions, committees, conventions and councils, meeting reports/minutes and membership lists.
  • Series II - Elections : Contains candidate applications and biographies, city and independent school district election materials, Tarrant County fair campaign practices, questionnaires, voter’s service materials and voter’s guides.
  • Series III - Subject Files : Contains convention, disabilities, education, environment, fundraiser, housing, celebrity roasts, transportation and media coverage materials. Also included is legislative letters, League promotional materials, awards documentation, litigation materials regarding Fort Worth Public Library and transportation bonds, an environmental park land study, photographs and materials relating to the production Pioneers, Patriots and Petticoats.
  • Series IV - Newsletters : Contains printings of the Fort Worth Bulletin, Fort Worth Voter, Tarrant County Voter, Texas Voter and The Voter.
  • Series V - Publications : Contains publications are various materials produced by local, state and national leagues.
  • Series V - Media : Contains VHS tapes and CDs documenting political, social and environmental issues relating to the League of Women Voters.
  • Series VII - Newspapers : Contains newspaper clippings and complete League of Women Voters newspapers.
  • Series VII - Scrapbooks : Contains 20 scrapbooks and loose scrapbook materials. One scrapbook is the “Sixtieth Anniversary: League of Women Voters, March 16, 1980” and another is titled “Tarrant County Child Care ’76.” Included in the scrapbooks can be found photographs; newspaper clippings; brochures; flyers; and pamphlets.

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Last updated: Aug. 4, 2014