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Mrs. John F. Lyons Photographic Collection


Mrs. John F. Lyons nee Lucille Manning (1879 - 1958) was born in Raymond in Leon County, Texas and received her education at the Peabody Institute in Nashville, Tennessee. Her family moved to Albany, Texas in the 1880s. Her father was a pioneer West Texas druggist, John W. Manning. She married John F. Lyons in 1901. In 1903, the Lyons moved to Fort Worth. Mr. Lyons died in 1946.

Mrs. Lyons was elected president of the Harmony Club in 1904 and held office until 1924. She was president of the Texas Federation of Music Clubs from 1915 - 1916. As president of the Harmony Club, she was responsible for bringing the leading musical artists of the day to Fort Worth. In 1926, she assumed sponsorship under her name. She organized the first Goodfellow operation in Fort Worth with Mrs. A. L. Shuman. She died on September 25, 1958 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery.


The provenance is unknown, but the collection was donated prior to 1991.

Scope and Contents Note

The collection consists of two boxes of autographed photographs of performing artists. The second box consists of oversized and mounted photographs. The programs related to this collection are in a separate collection under Music Programs.

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