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RadioShack Records


RadioShack is a consumer electronics company based in Fort Worth, TX. In 1921, two brothers, Milton and Theodore Deutschmann, opened a retail store and started a mail-order business out of Boston selling radio and electronic components. Through the years, the mail order business expanded and 9 retail stores opened in the Northeast, but by the 1960s, RadioShack was facing financial troubles. Charles Tandy, President of the Tandy Corporation, had wanted to invest in the electronics retail industry. When the opportunity to buy RadioShack presented itself, Mr. Tandy acquired the struggling company for $300,000 in 1963.

The Tandy Corporation continued to grow the RadioShack brand and increased the number of retail stores to 235 by 1968. In 1970, Tandy Corporation bought Allied Radio and merged the brands into Allied RadioShack. In May of 1971, the Antitrust Department of the Department of Justice filed a complaint against Allied RadioShack because of the merger. As a result, Tandy Corporation sold off the 36 retail stores acquired in the purchase of Allied Radio Corporation and resumed using the name RadioShack.

In 1977, RadioShack introduced the TRS-80 microcomputer system, one of the first mass-produced personal computers. In 1984, the company sold its first mobile phone, and in 1999, RadioShack launched radioshack.com offering over 30,000 products for sale. Today, RadioShack has global presence through its retail stores in United States and Mexico, wireless phone centers in the US, internet sales through radioshack.com, and outlets worldwide.


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The RadioShack Records were donated to the library on August 23, 2007 and May 1, 2009 by Angela A. Fares.

Scope and Contents Note

The materials came with a finding aid created by employees at RadioShack. Any boxes or materials without a corresponding sheet in the original finding aid were inventoried and descriptive information was added to the finding aid by library staff. The finding aid and the boxes have been arranged numerically by container number. To access the full inventory, ask a library staff member for assistance.

The RadioShack Records measures 91.7 linear feet (167 boxes) and the materials date from 1929-2003. The materials consist of press releases, scrapbooks, Intercom Newsletters, annual reports, earning reports, administrative documents, magazines, catalogs, articles, comic books, books, photographs, marketing materials, and computers. Materials from other Tandy Corporation businesses and interests are included in the records. Some of the other companies and interests documented are: The Tandy Corporation, Annual Hide & Leather, James L. West’s (former President of Tandy Corp.) involvement in Fort Worth and the community, Allied Radio Corporation, Computer City, Incredible Universe, and Grid Systems.

Use Restrictions

The collection contains a TRS-80 Model 100 computer and a Tandy 600 computer. These are artifacts for viewing only and cannot be powered on for use.

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Last updated: Oct. 2, 2014