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Taliaferro Target | Texahoma Bugler


The Taliaferro Target and the Texahoma Bugler were two World War I era military post newspapers which were published for the men stationed at Taliaferro Field/Hicks Field and at Camp Bowie, both located in Fort Worth, Texas. The newspapers carried news items of interest to enlisted men and officers, as well as entertaining stories and advertisements aimed at the military. Both newspapers were published weekly.

Scope and Description

The Texahoma Bugler consists of issues from September 15 - November 23, 1917. The Taliaferro Target consists of issues dating from August 1, 1918 – January 17, 1919. Both papers are missing issues within their ranges. The materials measure 1.94 linear feet (2 boxes). The Texahoma Bugler and the Taliaferro Target are also available on microfilm, which is housed with The Critic.

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Last updated: Oct. 9, 2014