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Community History Workshop Series: Preserving Our Past

Presented in conjunction with The Center for Texas Studies at TCU, these workshops are aimed at increasing the historical awareness of the community. The series is designed to make the public aware of the important, yet often overlooked historical resources around them, and how to preserve them for posterity. The goal of the workshops is to prove that “every person is a historian,” and that they can, by their deeds and actions, preserve a small part of the cultural and historical fabric of this region.

Jan. 7: Identifying Old Photographs: Preserving and Sharing

Presented by: Betsy Mills, genealogist

Long to know more about those unidentified photos in your family album? Come hear Betsy Mills explain how changing photographic processes, fashion trends, and other details can help you date and identify your old images and the people in them. She’ll also give tips on how to preserve and share those treasures.

Long time genealogist, Betsy Mills is part of the TXGenWeb Project and State Coordinator for ARGenWeb. She is a former regent in the NSDAR, member of the UDC, DRT and Magna Charta Dames. She is currently President of the Lamar County Genealogical Society and the Lamar County Historical Commission and is the author of three books on family and local history.

Betsy Mills

Feb. 4: The History of the Lake Como Community

Presented by: Gayle W. Hanson, Texas Historical and Ancestry Researchers

In commemoration of Black History Month, genealogist and local historian Gayle W. Hanson will share the story of the Lake Como community in west Fort Worth. First settled by black families in the early 1900s, residents developed a thriving neighborhood over the passing decades. Having weathered the Depression, both world wars, the struggle for civil rights, and integration, members of the community remain tightly knit and deeply devoted to their shared past.

Gayle W. Hanson is a historian, genealogist, lecturer, and researcher for Texas Historical and Ancestry Researchers in Arlington, Texas. Her area of expertise is historical research (Slavery to World War II) and family history. Ms. Hanson is presently working on several historical projects including the WPA Federal Writers Project Ex-Slave Narratives of Tarrant County, the Early Negro Schools of Tarrant County, and the Jeanes Supervisors of Texas.

Gayle W. Hanson

The Center for Texas Studies at TCU is designed to celebrate all that makes Texas distinctive. It is housed in AddRan College of Liberal Arts, where various disciplines and programs can act in concert to foster and nurture the essence of Texas. History is, of course, central, but Texas literature, anthropology, ethnography, politics, religions, philosophy and design and textiles all represent elements that are a part of the incredible mosaic of Texas.

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Last updated: Dec. 7, 2016

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