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Request OverDrive eBooks and Digital Audiobooks

Between now and June 1, the Fort Worth Library is testing a new service that will allow patrons to recommend OverDrive eBooks and digital audiobooks for purchase directly through the OverDrive site.

  • Patrons will be able to submit up to 10 recommendations each month for eBooks and digital audiobooks available from OverDrive.
  • When a title has at least 3 recommendations from patrons, the library’s collection management team will evaluate the title for purchase. If the title meets the library’s collection materials policy and is under $150, it will be purchased. Items that are over $150 will be considered on a title-by-title basis.
  • The library will purchase eBooks and digital audiobooks written/narrated in English, Spanish and Vietnamese only. Items that are designed to learn a new language will not be limited to English, Spanish or Vietnamese.
  • Recommendations will be ordered weekly.
  • Patrons will have the option to be notified via email if their recommended OverDrive eBook and/or digital audiobook is purchased. A hold will also be placed if the item is purchased.

Requests for eBooks and digital audiobooks will need to be submitted via this method to ensure the items are considered for purchase. The library does not have the ability to purchase eBooks and digital audiobooks that are not available from OverDrive. This process is only for eBooks and digital audiobooks. Please continue to use the Suggestion for Purchase form for all other suggestions.

Last updated: Feb. 1, 2018