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Adult Legal Series

The Fort Worth Library is collaborating with the Tarrant County Bar Association and Texas A&M School of Law to deliver an adult education series on legal issues relevant to our patrons. Presentations will vary by date and location depending on issues identified in different neighborhoods and by citizens throughout Fort Worth.

Recognizing that legal issues can often be intimidating, complicated, and expensive, we want to serve as a gathering place to discuss these topics and exchange information and resources to help the public tackle legal challenges.

Initial topics within the series will cover family law, immigration, elder issues, low-income tax challenges, veterans’ legal rights and services as well as paternity issues. Thanks to bilingual legal experts, many presentations will be available in English and Spanish.

Elder Law

Aging individuals are often faced with complicated issues related to finances, property, medical care and retaining their own rights or assigning responsibilities to others that impact their quality of life. If you, or someone you know, are faced with challenges related to caring for an elderly individual consider attending a free information session on elder law in Texas and the United States.

These sessions are presented by either lawyers associated with the Tarrant County Bar Association or the Texas A&M School of Law.

Low-Income Tax Issues

Filing your taxes can be challenging. Attorney Carlos Rocha of Texas A&M Law School walks you through everything from qualifications for the Earned Income Tax Credit, carefully choosing a tax preparer, identifying red flags and how to prevent an audit. He will also discuss what to do after you file your taxes and if you receive a letter from the IRS.

These sessions will be presented in English and Spanish.

United States veterans often face a variety of challenges when returning to the civilian life. Legal Aid of Northwest Texas discusses addressing wills, end of life planning and dealing with landlord/tenant issues. In addition, veteran, William Rivera-Vasquez will share his experience with Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans. Resources addressed will include the Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans program and Texas A&M Benefits clinic.

This session is presented by Attorney Mireya Granados with Legal Aid of Northwest Texas and veteran, William Rivera-Vasquez.

Paternity Issues

Judge Steve Owen discusses the laws regarding paternity establishment, child support, and possession and access issues arising from paternity cases.

  • 3 p.m. Sunday, May 20, Central, Discovery Theatre

Judge Steve Owen practiced family law for 19 years and then served 17 years as associate judge of a child support court in Tarrant County before retirement.

The Fort Worth Library also provides access to legal resources through our online legal information resource center.

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Last updated: May 1, 2018