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DNA Basics

DNA tests can shed light on health as well as ancestry

By the start of 2019, estimates suggest that more than 26 million people have taken at-home ancestry tests. The kits are a popular method to help people discover sometimes unknown parts of their family trees, but there is much more information the testing can provide.

The Fort Worth Public Library will play host to four free classes that delve into the power of DNA, hosted by librarians from the UNT Health Science Center. The “DNA Basics: The Impact of Genetic Testing” classes will help participants understand the benefits and limitations of genetic testing, the impact of precision medicine and how DNA is changing society. Besides tracing where ancestors came from, DNA also provides important clues about health.

The classes help fulfill a major part of the Library’s mission to offer resources and services that go beyond books to provide education and growth opportunities to the community.

Locations and Times

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History’s Discovery Lab Science Club: CSI

Aspiring young detectives will learn the techniques and science behind Crime Scene Investigation during the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History’s Discovery Lab Science Club: CSI.

Children ages 8-13 will participate in classes that will focus on such aspects of investigation such as fingerprinting, DNA and identifying mystery substances. The classes are available at various locations for up to six weeks, with all of them starting at 4:30 p.m.

Space is limited to 30 attendees per class. To register, call the hosting library.

Locations and Times

Last updated: Feb. 20, 2020