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Art Exhibits and Displays

From paintings and photos to sculptures and collectibles, the Fort Worth Library offers a number of quality exhibits throughout the year. The Library strives to present some of the best works of local artists, photographers and collectors, celebrating both the talent and diversity of our community.

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Central Library

The Beauty of Nature and the Importance of Faith

Nature in America can be both beautiful and dangerous. As the pioneers moved the country west, they discovered beautiful scenery and scary weather, but through it all, they pushed on strengthened by faith. In almost every case, when a good location for a settlement was discovered, the first permanent building was a church as faith was a driving force in their push for a new life. Through original paintings, Fredric Brussow and John Johnson show how nature and faith were a major part of America’s growth.

Fredric “Jerry” Brussow had a very promising career in the art field in the 60s and 70s, but put that dream on hold to raise a family and build an outstanding business reputation. With that career behind him, he is again turning out the wonderful paintings that brought him an award winning reputation. His primary media is watercolor and has recently moved into small sculptures that have been met with much excitement.

John Johnson specializes in acrylic and watercolor. His artwork reminds us of times in the past where life was simple and church was the place of social gathering with the unrelenting rising of spirit.

On display in the gallery from August 10 - October 25.

Last updated: Aug. 14, 2019