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Mobile Noble Planetarium

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History brings its Mobile Noble Planetarium to the library. Planetarium staff will interact with your family to provide entertaining and educational shows. Travel through space and unleash your family’s imagination!

Sat., Oct. 13 • Central • Gallery

11:30 a.m.: Sun, Earth, Moon

All about our Sun and our home’s only natural satellite, the moon. Program is 50 minutes and for ages 6 - 12.

12:30 p.m.: Losing the Dark

Learn how to keep our skies clear and improve human health by getting rid of excess light at night. Program is 15 minutes and for families.

1 p.m.: Take Me to the Stars

Connect with ancient civilizations as you hear the rich folklore of the stars still sparking our human imagination today! Discover how to find stars, constellations, visible planets and any special astronomy events at the time of your visit. Program is 40 minutes and is for ages 6 - 17.

2 p.m.: One World One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure

Join Big Bird, Elmo and their friend, Hu Hu Zhu for a look at the stars. Take an imaginary trip to our Moon, learn how to find the Big Dipper and North Star, and see how we all share the same sky. Recommended for very young audiences and the very young at heart. Program is 30 minutes and for ages birth - 5.

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Last updated: Sept. 13, 2018