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Mayor's Monarch Pledge

Celebrate Monarch Day at the Monarch Migration Festival on Saturday, October 5, from 9am to 2pm in the Grove at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden!

Join representatives from the Botanic Garden, Botanical Research Institute of Texas, National Wildlife Federation, US Fish & Wildlife Association, Tarrant County College, Tarrant Regional Water District and the Fort Worth Chapter of the Native Prairie Association of Texas to learn about the monarch butterfly, their migration, and how to attract butterflies and pollinators to your yard.

It's fun for families! Also happening: the Plant Sale and Mariposa Market.

Mayor Betsy Price has joined with hundreds of mayors across the U.S. in support of the monarch butterfly and other pollinators, whose populations have declined, by signing the National Wildlife Federation’s Mayors’ Monarch Pledge.

The City of Fort Worth is part of the Monarch Highway (I-35 in six states) which supports thousands of monarch butterflies traveling to Mexico each fall, and again in the spring as the monarchs return to breed. Later generations spread across the US and Canada.

Fort Worth works with partners to connect local resources to promote native pollinator habitat. The Fort Worth Pollinator Ambassadors include individuals and representatives from local, state, and national organizations. They produced the city’s Conservation Plan and collaborate on various initiatives to educate and encourage our community to support monarch butterflies.

Fort Worth pledged to the remaining action steps in the Mayors for Monarchs program and Mayor Betsy Price accepted an award naming Fort Worth as a Champion City, one of four in the nation. Read more »

Our Mayor and Council have proclaimed the first Saturday in October as Monarch Day! Read the proclamation here. Monarchs continue to fly through our area on their way to the oyamel fir forests on the mountainsides of central Mexico. Now is the time to plant wildflower seeds for flowers to support the butterflies’ return next March. The nectar they produce feeds the adult butterflies. Plant milkweed for the monarchs to lay eggs on, and the resulting caterpillars to eat.

Share your success, learn how to get involved, or request a speaker for your school or group.

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Trinity Value School Participants

Five students and their teacher Julie Frey (Trinity Valley School) planted 50 pots of flowers at Hazel Harvey Peace Center for neighborhoods, creating the Mayor’s Monarch Garden. Their effort completes an action step in the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge. Just in time for migrating monarchs!

Monarch Ambassadors

The Fort Worth Pollinator Ambassadors were recognized for the 2018 conservation efforts in Fort Worth by the National Wildlife Federation at a October 7 event. Thanks!


The Monarch Migration Festival and Mariposa Market at the Botanic Garden was a great success! An estimated 2500 people enjoyed the booths and activities.




Record your observations of monarchs and native milkweed, become a citizen scientist or certify your yard as wildlife habitat at the following links.

Details on the Monarch Migration Festival »



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