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Judicial Division

The Judicial Division of the Municipal Court is comprised of eleven full time and nine Pro Tem judges.

Full-Time Judges

  • Charles T. Atkinson
  • Andrew T. Bradshaw
  • Raquel D. Brown
  • Ann Yvonne Collins
  • Simon C. Gonzalez
  • Benita F. Harper
  • Claudia Aurora Martinez
  • Robert Neel McDonald
  • Sharon Newman-Stanfield
  • Jo Ann Reyes
  • James D. Rodgers, Chief Judge
  • Patricia Louise Summers

Pro Tem Judges

  • Norma Bazan
  • Dori Boone-Constantino
  • Kim Marie Catalano
  • Danielle Dulaney
  • Laura Espinosa Ganoza
  • Faye Rean Harden
  • Joseph Henderson
  • Carla Gibbs Kelman
  • Nancy Archer Magee
  • Edward B. Valverde

Judges’ Assistant: Celia Gaytan



  • 817-392-6700 (main)
  • 817-392-6723 (fax)

Theresa A. Ewing

To request Municipal Court records, use the Court Records Request form.

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