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The Fort Worth Marshal Division is the enforcement arm of the Fort Worth Municipal Court. The Marshal Division has served the City of Fort Worth since 1873. The Marshal Division was deactivated and then reactivated in 1983. Currently, there are more than 50 Deputy Marshals that form the Division. Among their many duties, Fort Worth Marshals apprehend fugitives from justice, execute civil and criminal processes, transport prisoners, protect the municipal judiciary, provide building security for the City of Fort Worth downtown campus, and operate a lake patrol unit.

Fugitive Operations (Warrant Division)

The Warrant Division is the Municipal Court’s primary agency for apprehending fugitives from justice. The Marshals apprehend more than 7.000 fugitives and clear more than 50,000 warrants annually. In addition to fugitive apprehension, the Marshals are tasked with executing civil and criminal processes.

Transporting Prisoners

Deputies assigned to the Prisoner Transport Team transport more than 2,500 prisoners per year. The transport team is tasked with transporting all prisoners arrested in the North-Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) area on Fort Worth warrants. The NCTCOG area consists of Tarrant County, Hilly County, Hood County, Parker County, Denton County, Wise County, Kaufman County, Dallas County, Collin County, Ellis County, Navarro County, Rockwall County and Johnson County.

Judicial Security

Protecting municipal judicial officials - judges, court personnel, jurors and attorneys is the core mission of judicial security deputies. The Marshal Division employs the latest security techniques and devices to maintain courthouse security. The division also detects and intercepts weapons and other prohibited items that individuals attempt to bring into the courthouse. The Fort Worth Marshals screen more than 200,000 people accessing the Municipal Court annually.

City Hall

In addition to securing the courthouse, the Marshals are tasked with securing City Hall. The Marshals use the latest security techniques and devices to maintain safety and security at City Hall. Safety and security is accomplished by detecing and intercepting weapons and other prohibited items from entering City Hall. The Fort Worth Marshals screen more than 120,000 people accessing City Hall annually.

Lake Patrol

The Fort Worth Municipal Division operates a Lake Patrol Unit year-round on Lake Worth. The core mission of the Lake Patrol Unit is to provid a safe boating environment for everyone using the lake. The Lake Patrol Unit is tasked with the enforcement of boating laws and regulations, public education and safety awareness.

Compliments and Complaints

The purpose of the Compliment and Complaint process is to provide an avenue for citizens to submit a compliment or complaint on a Fort Worth Marshal employee. Complaints received will be reviewed for allegations of misconduct, including criminal misconduct. The review will determine the scope and type of allegation received against Fort Worth Marshall Employees.

Marshal’s Office Personnel Complaint Sheet



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