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Disabled parking space citations

If you received a parking citation for parking in a disabled parking space while transporting a disabled person or if you have a disabled parking placard and received a citation for an expired parking meter, you have the following options to contest the citation:

  • Contest the citation and bring with you or include a copy of the placard and a copy of the disabled person’s current identification (driver’s license, state identification card or military identification card) and a notarized letter—signed by the disabled person—attesting to the fact that you and/or your vehicle were providing transport for the disabled person at the date, time and place the citation was issued.
  • Contest the citation and bring with you or include your disabled placard and driver’s license or copy of the current vehicle registration that confirms the date the disabled tags/plates were issued to the vehicle.

Expired parking placards

If your disabled parking placard is expired, obtain a renewed placard and contest the violation. The placard must be renewed before the citation can be considered for dismissal.

Individuals with disabilities who do not have a disabled parking placard

If you qualify for a disabled parking placard but do not have one, apply for a placard or license plates at your local county sub-courthouse:



  • 817-392-6700 (main)
  • 817-392-6723 (fax)

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