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Failure to pay a fine

Vehicles with three or more outstanding parking citations may be booted and/or impounded. When a vehicle has been booted/impounded, it will not be released until all fines and fees are paid or a cash bond is posted to ensure the appearance at a boot hearing.

If you received a delinquent notice on parking ticket, take note of the following:

If you have purchased a vehicle that had outstanding parking tickets, make a copy of the new registration showing the date of purchase and mail it in along with the delinquent notice. If the above conditions do not apply, payment is due immediately upon receipt of the delinquent notice. If you have received a delinquent notice and you feel there is an error, prepare a written statement and mail it with the delinquent notice.

For more information, call 817-392-6700 for assistance.

Note: When delinquent parking citation notices are sent out, the parking office experiences high call volume.



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