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How can I apply for NEZ incentives?

Apply at the Permitting Center Check-in located in City Hall at the south-end lower level. When you apply for a building permit, and if required, a zoning change, staff will assess your project at that time to determine if it is NEZ eligible. If it meets all criteria, you will receive notice by email that your project has been certified to receive NEZ incentives. It will take approximately 14 to 21 business days to process NEZ certifications.

What are some of the criteria for becoming certified to receive NEZ incentives?

  • The property must be located in a NEZ area.
  • The proposed rehab must be 30% or more than the TAD improvement value of the property.
  • The property must be zoned properly.
  • The property is a permanent structure, and not a mobile structure.
  • The owner/developer is not delinquent in paying taxes and does not have any City liens against any property they own.
  • The owner/developer has not been subject to a Building Standards Commissions’ order of Demolition where their property was demolished within the last five (5) years.
  • The property has received City Council support if it is a liquor store or package store.

Are there any fees associated with participating in this program?

Yes. There is an application fee of $25 for all Basic Incentives excluding tax abatements. The application for residential tax abatements is $100. The application fee for multi-family, commercial, industrial, community facilities and mixed-use development projects is one-half of one percent (0.5 percent) of the proposed Project’s Capital Investment, with a $200 minimum not to exceed $2,000. If you are approved for tax abatements, City staff will work with you to finalize the tax abatement agreement with the City.

What if I qualify but do not wish to participate in the program?

The owner of the property will be required to sign a NEZ Disclaimer acknowledging that they were informed about the program but declined to participate. Proof of ownership and a copy of the warranty deed will be required.

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Telephone: 817-392-2222

For more information about NEZ Tax Abatements, call Sarah Odle, 817-392-7316.



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