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Water conservation is a decision for our future

Posted March 28, 2014

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During recent years, Fort Worth has seen tremendous growth. We’ve brought thousands of jobs to our city and helped businesses grow. We’ve built a city our children and their children can be proud of. Make no mistake about it—Fort Worth’s stock is on the rise.

But adding 16,000 new residents each year comes with its own set of challenges—not the least of which is water supply.

At the rate we’re going, our current water supply will last us until 2030. That may sound like a distant future, but it’s not. Long before 2030, we must either find a way to conserve and curb demand for water, or build more lakes, pipelines and other major infrastructure at a cost to the rate payers measured in the billions.

Without action today, we may be in a world of hurt in the near future.

Because of the demand for water, the cost is on the rise—with no end in sight. And, without action, water costs have a real potential to spiral out of control. That would come at great cost to our local economy and jobs. A city without affordable water is not sustainable.

The cheapest and most effective solution to responsible water usage has been to conserve. And let me tell you—it works! The cumulative results of all water conservation efforts in the Tarrant Regional Water District service area saved more than 31 billion gallons of water in 2013 alone.

On Tuesday, April 1, the City Council will consider making our current water conservation efforts permanent, and I fully support it.

Making twice per week watering permanent would extend our supply, reduce peak demand and provide for regional consistency. It’s a reasonable and responsible step in the right direction, and it’s a step we absolutely should take.

With or without conservation, water rates will rise in the near term to catch up with growth. However, by making conservation permanent, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. With proper conservation, rates will begin to plateau as demand drops.

Water conservation is a decision that goes far beyond any of us. It’s about making sure our future generations are afforded the same opportunities we had.

I look forward to giving them a Fort Worth they can be proud of!

To learn more about conservation efforts, visit Save Tarrant Water.

Betsy Price, a Fort Worth native, was elected as the 44th mayor of the City of Fort Worth June 18, 2011. A successful business owner and lifelong public servant, Price uses this forum to ensure transparency and inform residents of issues and programs that affect their daily lives.

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Betsy Price, a Fort Worth native, was elected as the 44th mayor of the City of Fort Worth June 18, 2011. Read the mayor's bio »

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