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Make some green New Year's Resolutions

Posted Jan. 20, 2016

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Thanks to the receptiveness of North Texas residents, our collective fuel and energy consumption is declining, which means cleaner air for future generations.

But there’s room for improvement. If you still have room for a few 2016 resolutions, consider these ideas for a healthier, greener, cleaner lifestyle:

  • Shop with reusable cloth bags or reuse plastic grocery shopping bags.
  • Drink from refillable water bottles.
  • Use energy-efficient power sources and appliances at home.
  • Conserve paper by minimizing paper mailing. Opt for electronic mailing or billing.
  • With some research, you may be able to find restaurants that locally grow or raise their ingredients, use recycled materials throughout their establishment and take care in selecting top-grade meat and produce.
  • Try packing your lunch instead of driving out for lunch to save yourself time and money and to decrease your daily carbon dioxide emission count.
  • Carpool with your family, friends and coworkers any time you can.
  • Look into TryParkingIt, a site that makes it easy to carpool by using a park-and-ride lot or to find rideshare matches for people who have a similar commute.
  • Ride The T. Take advantage of systematic bus routes and transit authorities to reduce the number of cars on the road.
  • Turn off your house. Unplug appliances, computers, televisions and anything else that consumes electricity to ensure you are using minimal energy when you’re away from home. This includes water heaters and thermostats. Even when they are powered off, they can still passively use energy.
  • Opt for non-stop flights to your destination instead of hopping on and off connecting flights. The takeoff and landing portion of the flight use up the most fuel and produce the most exhaust.
  • Practice proper vehicle engine maintenance and pack light to minimize strain on car tires and excessive aerodynamic drag when you go on road trips.

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