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Multipurpose arena and Montgomery Street reconstruction is on the horizon

Posted Jan. 7, 2016

Archived Content Information and links provided may no longer be accurate.

Arlington Heights and the surrounding area will soon see dirt turning as the multipurpose arena project gets underway and we prepare for Montgomery Street reconstruction.

Here’s an update:

Property Acquisition, Demolition and Excavation

The city has acquired the southern portion of the Bodycote warehouse property, and negotiations continue for acquisition of the remainder of the property.

Demolition of the Bodycote warehouse structure will begin soon. Demolition and site excavation will follow all state and local environmental protection controls.

Arena Parking Garage

A fence has been placed around the parking garage site.

Following the conclusion of the 2016 Stock Show and Rodeo, the arena parking garage construction will get underway. This new parking facility will contain 2,200 spaces and include an energy-efficiency lighting system that uses high efficiency fixtures and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability. The garage entrance and exits will be located off Trail Drive with no access directly to Montgomery Street.

The construction schedule for the garage and construction hours will be finalized this month.

Construction staging is planned for Trail Drive and the contractor is required to provide parking for workers on site – not in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Parking Assessment

Engineering consulting firm Kimley-Horn has been hired by the city to conduct a parking assessment during the 2016 Stock Show. The purpose of this assessment is to determine the magnitude of unrelated parking from the Will Rogers Memorial Center that occurs in the Arlington Heights neighborhood.

Kimley-Horn has experienced professionals who have worked on similar parking issues in other areas of the country. They will identify the issues and offer strategies to minimize the parking issues. The city’s Transportation & Public Works Department will also work closely with the Kimley-Horn team to identify potential street grid design options that discourage neighborhood cut-through traffic.

Assessment findings and options will be presented to the neighborhood for discussion and consideration in the spring.

Montgomery Street Reconstruction

Conceptual design plans have been completed and a review of constructability performed. That means preliminary design is expected to be completed by February 2016.

Roadway design will feature a five-lane roadway from IH-30 to Harley Avenue and four-lanes from Harley Avenue to Camp Bowie Boulevard. A shared-use bicycle and pedestrian path will be constructed on the east side of Montgomery Street along with signage and markings to support cyclists’ use of the outside traffic lane. Final design will include at least one mid-block crosswalk. However, additional mid-block crosswalks are still being considered.

Landscaping and irrigation on both sides of the street, and underground utilities are still being reviewed because of funding limitations. Design engineers are also trying to include a right-turn lane on the southern end of the project.

Staff is pursuing green ribbon funding from the State of Texas for landscaping improvements in the State’s right of way at IH-30.

Roadway construction is being coordinated with the contractor who is building the multipurpose arena and parking garage.

Another public meeting is planned for spring 2016.

Michael Weiss is the project manager and he can be reached at 817-392-8485.

Multipurpose Arena

The design team continues to work on the final design of the multipurpose arena. The design team’s goal is to minimize traffic, noise and lighting impacts on the west side of the facility. As more information on the lighting study and traffic planning is available, information will be shared and a meeting planned with neighborhood leadership to answer questions.

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