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Expanding and connecting the Trinity Trails

Posted March 18, 2016

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Connections and expansions of the Trinity Trails network are underway at several points in the city — and beyond.

As Fort Worth continues to grow, it’s important to expand the trail system to meet everyone’s needs.

Here are some of the projects the City of Fort Worth is tackling to help connect the trails to the entire city:

Transportation connections for pedestrians and bicycles

Scope: Construct five pedestrian and bicycle connections from Fort Worth neighborhoods to the Trinity River trails system and regional bicycle network.

Description: This project contains five pedestrian and bicycle connection projects: Oakland Boulevard, Westcreek Drive, River Park Trailhead, Mistletoe Heights Pedestrian Bridge and Quanah Parker Park to North Richland Hills TRE station. Total length of off-street trails is about 3.3 miles.

Funding: $6,501,555

Part I: Oakland Boulevard, Westcreek Drive and River Park Trailhead.

Status: Oakland Boulevard is under construction with sidewalk infills from I-30 to Rosedale Street and street striping, which includes bike lanes, from Rosedale Street to Randol Mill Road. Westcreek Drive construction is projected to begin in mid-February. River Park trailhead is scheduled to begin parking expansion construction.

Part II: Mistletoe Heights Pedestrian Bridge and Quanah Parker Park to North Richland Hills TRE station.

Status: This project is at 95 percent design completion. Plans and specifications are being reviewed by the city and the Texas Department of Transportation.

East Bank Trail Extension

Scope: Construct trail system from Mistletoe Heights under I -30, Union Pacific Railroad, Rosedale and Chisholm Trail bridges to Parkview Avenue.

Description: Project will consist of a 10-foot- wide trail and retaining walls that will give pedestrian and bicycle access to the east bank of the Trinity River. Total length of off-street trail is approximately .4 mile.

Funding: $3,656,000

Status: Plans are complete. The project has received environmental clearance from TxDOT and is awaiting clearance from the U.S. Corps of Engineers before advertising for bid.

East Fort Worth Trails Extension

Scope: Construct trail system from Handley Ederville Road to River Trails Park.

Description: Project will consist of a 10-foot-wide trail and retaining walls that will allow pedestrian and bicycle access to the Trinity River and River Trails Park.

Funding: $2,934,926

Status: Design plans are being funded by an outside source and designed by Halff Associates.

Arcadia Trail Park South, trail extension

Scope: The proposed trail project will connect three parks in three cities: Fort Worth (Arcadia Trail Park South, 20 acres), Watauga (White’s Branch Creek Trail) and Haltom City (White’s Branch Park, 20 acres, and Buffalo Ridge Park, 95 acres).

Description: The proposed concrete trail will be eight feet wide with two-foot grass shoulders. Ancillary facilities will include wayfinding signage and benches. The property is owned and maintained by the Fort Worth Park and Recreation Department.

Funding: $164,080

Status: Concept design plans are 100 percent complete and are awaiting execution of a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department grant agreement.

Lake Worth Trail

Scope: Construct approximately 5.6 miles of trail beginning at Trinity Trail near Anahauc Street going through YMCA Camp Carter, Marion Sansom Park, along Lake Worth through Windswept Circle Park and Plover Circle Park, terminating at a trailhead in Arrow S. Park.

Description: Project will consist of an eight-foot-wide concrete trail, two one-foot-wide pedestrian bridges over the West Fork Trinity River and two trailhead parking lots — one at Arrow S. Park and one at Marion Sansom Park.

Funding: $1,078,834

Status: The Lake Worth Trail Phase I is in final design.

Centerport Trail

Scope: Construct a trail system from Trinity Railway Express to TRE Centerport rail station.

Description: Development of a shared-use path connection that will link with the Fort Worth to Dallas regional veloweb trail along the West Fort Worth Trinity River.

Funding: $2,600,000

Status: Project will be initiated upon execution of a local project advanced funding agreement.

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