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Sue McLean recognized for her commitment to Fairmount neighborhood

Posted June 8, 2018

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Sue receiving her award

Sue McLean, a dedicated volunteer in Fort Worth’s Fairmount Neighborhood Association, is among this year’s three inductees into Neighborhoods USA (NUSA)’s Who’s Who in America’s Neighborhoods recognition program.

NUSA honored McLean with the award at its 43rd annual conference in Birmingham, Ala.

McLean has been a neighborhood volunteer since she moved to the Fairmount neighborhood 33 years ago. Neighbors say Sue is always there, always instrumental, always helping.

From the moment she moved into her 1918 bungalow home in 1984, she became an advocate for the neighborhood’s historic homes. She immediately began her volunteer work by helping with the Fairmount Tour of Homes, an event where six to 10 homes are selected to highlight the beautiful architecture of Fairmount and — in the early years of the event — to inspire people to move into a neighborhood that was considered neglected and rundown.

Over the years, McLean has become a fount of information on houses in Fairmount. She began gathering and cataloging all the Fairmount written history, which was then sent to the Fort Worth Library for safekeeping.

In 1990, the neighborhood was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and listed as a City of Fort Worth Historic and Cultural Landmark District.

Beyond her work with the Fairmount Neighborhood Association and historic preservation, McLean has been a key volunteer for Code Blue, Citizens on Patrol, Fairmount Southside Garden Club, Fairmount Marching Band and Good Neighbor Animal Rescue. She resurrected the neighborhood’s monthly Girls Night Out.

For 34 years, McLean’s neighbors and fellow neighborhood association members have recognized her to be the most loyal and consistent volunteer in their neighborhood. They nominated her for the award so she can be recognized and thanked for her years of service and dedication.

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