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Three Fort Worth projects honored for development excellence

Posted June 18, 2019


North Central Texas adds approximately 100,000 new residents each year. By 2045, more than 11 million people are expected to call the region home, a 51 percent increase in population from 2018. This growth will bring new economic and cultural opportunities, and it will also bring new challenges.

Three Fort Worth initiatives that will help meet these challenges have been identified as examples of development excellence in North Central Texas. The projects were selected by a nationally-recognized jury of experts in architecture, urban planning and development for a 2019 CLIDE Award.

The Celebrating Leadership in Development Excellence – CLIDE for short — program was created in 2003 to encourage innovative development projects and practices that will help accommodate this expected growth and ensure a sustainable North Texas for generations to come.

These were the winning Fort Worth projects:

Fort Worth preservation ordinance update

The adoption of a new preservation ordinance is a major achievement for Fort Worth. The project brought together a diverse array of stakeholders to create an innovative, forward-thinking document that served the needs of the community and laid the groundwork for conservation of Fort Worth’s cultural resources.

The update preservation ordinance has increased staff efficiency, streamlined the project review process for homeowners and developers and strengthened the Historic Site Tax Exemption program.

The ordinance update has created an opportunity for Fort Worth to truly focus on preserving existing buildings and guiding compatible new development, thereby promoting promote cultural, environmental and economic sustainability. The new ordinance has helped stakeholders better understand historic preservation best practices and use those practices to conserve historic resources for future generations.

Stockyards form-based codes

The adoption of the Stockyards Form-Based Code and Design Guidelines is a major achievement for Fort Worth. Since the establishment of the guidelines, several major projects have been approved and permitted in the Stockyards that meet and exceed the principles laid out in the document.

From the new Drover Hotel, to the rehabilitation of East Exchange Avenue, to the restoration of the New Isis Theater, community stakeholders have found the guidelines easy to use and a boon to their projects. The guidelines have helped stakeholders retain the district’s historic character and complement character-defining features of the district with modern urban planning concepts, such as pedestrian-oriented streetscapes and state-of-the-art urban infrastructure.

A total of $14,302,676 in projects have been approved in the year and a half since the code was adopted.

Meissner-Brown Building

Rehabilitation of the Meissner-Brown Building not only restored a deteriorated historic structure, but also placed it back into use for the community by creating a mixed-use commercial space.

The building at 2717 Ave. B in Fort Worth’s Polytechnic neighborhood was built in 1937 in the Spanish Eclectic style. All of the rehabilitation work was in compliance with the U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and approved by the Texas Historical Commission.

The total budget for this project was just more than $1.8 million. Award recipients are Phoenix I Restoration and Construction Ltd.; City of Fort Worth; and Historic Fort Worth Inc.

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